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Pi-powered Experimenter Platform for STEM-Equalizer

A proposal to computer scientists and educators to collaborate to boost hands-on STEM education

Steve Yang

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of Pi-powered Experimenter Platform for STEM-Equalizer

experiential learning, powered by Raspberry Pi
A booster for STEM education
by WattminderInstruments.com ©Copyright 2013
3 billion smart devices--BYOD
Booming online learners ~20 million '12
Lower-cost distributed computing --Pi, Arduino
Growing library of free online courses, Wiki's, Internte-of-THings
Enabling Trends:
Expensive, disjointed electronic, robotic products
Costly commercial resources, e.g. National Instruments, Lego Mindstorms
Lack of hands-on resources for science classrooms, especially in online courses
Problem: Disparity in Educational Opportunities
between metropolitan and farming districts.
In a flexible packaging, powered by the Raspberry Pi, intelligent, web-connected, easy to use platform; offers low-cost, fun learning environment for all ages.
Solution: Portable Experimenter's Platform
Small case configuration, Pi + Ras-Das-1 + Audio Explorer
Portable electronic Experimenter's Bench
Customized, Cloud-directed lesson delivery
A game-changing booster for STEM
Key Innovations:
Ultra low-cost, with Web-connectivity
Ease-of-Use with a browser on any smart device
Assistive, Cloud-based instructional engine help deliver customized lesson plan at hand
Computer Science developers to develop Instructional Engine
Education Researchers to embody learning principles, and create hands-on STEM curriculum & framework
Web & smart-device application developers
Science Curriculum developers for lesson plans
External funding needed for batch of kits for initial deployment ~$250K
Seeking Educator Partners
and grant support for R&D:
by WattminderInstruments.com ©Copyright 2013
Product Family for Launch
Ras-Das-1: 200 KSPS data-acquisition system(complete)
Audio Explorer: 4-Microphone input board for sound experimentation(complete)
Ras-Das-3: 20-100MSPS, dynamically reconfigurable FPGA(w.i.p.)
Optical Explorer: Laser, photo-transistor, 2 sensor inputs, LED, IR-sensor, piezo sensors/buzzer
Analog Front-End: Signal conditioner for Ras-Das-3 (w.i.p)
Distributed PS: Robust linear and switching power supplies(w.i.p.)
Software widgets: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator, Software Defined Radio, Vector Signal Analyzer
Classroom-ready lesson plans include dozens of sound, light, and other science experiments, involving math (w.i.p.)
Spring 2014
(Declining interest in STEM among students
Markets Served by PEP subsystems
Note: Industrialized components will be required.
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