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Bean Bags & co's fairtrade brownies

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lily joyce

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Bean Bags & co's fairtrade brownies

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The Importance Of Making Our Products Fair Trade
It is important that we make our products Fair Trade because if we don't then people could buy our products not knowing that child labour was used in the process. If people keep buying non-fair trade chocolate, then more children will have to be used to make it. This is because the farmers will be getting more orders for cocoa beans so they will need more children to work on the farms. Because of this reason, when buying non-fair trade chocolate, you could be encouraging child labour.
About Our Product
Bean-bags & co

Fair trade brownies

Our Bean Bag Brownies will be priced at £2.00 per 100g - 35% of the profit will go back to the cocoa farmers to help support them and their families. We price our chocolate at this amount because we think it is unfair how when it is said that the products are fair trade but it turns out that only 7% of the profits go to the farmers and the 93% stay in the cocoa consuming countries!
We are a small Fair Trade company located in Poole that only use fair trade cocoa in our products. We produce all of our fair trade products in store.
Our company is called Bean-bags because we collect all of our fair trade cocoa beans in bags.
Our product is Bean Bag Brownies. We have made them different to other brownies by giving them an addition of a fair trade symbol made from edible dust. there is also a surprise in the middle of each and every one - edible gold stars. These brownies are 100% child-labour-free.
How Can You Contact us
phone number:
01202 593547
we are located on the high street
Thank you for listening and i hope you enjoyed our pitch
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