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Chemicals and Plastics

No description

Cody Park

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Chemicals and Plastics

Chemicals and Plastics
Where there's Chemicals, there's money
Investing in Canada
Why you should invest in Canada
Easy access to nearby markets
Global companies choose Canada for chemicals and plastics

Chemicals and Plastics
Competitive Advantages
Business Environment Advantage: Welcoming

Economic Advantage: Steady growth record

Unparalleled Market Advantage: NAFTA, APGCI

People Advantage: Highly educated workforce

Tax Advantage: Low tax rates

Competitive Research and Development (R&D)Environment:

Financial Stability: Canadian banking system strongest in world

Life style Advantage: Great place to invest, work and live
Canada is a smart place to invest in for chemicals and plastics

Canada has a large amount of inexpensive resources

The chemicals sector alone is estimated to increase by 27 percent by 2020

Canada offers a large, strong and growing domestic chemicals and plastics market
Useful Websites
Canada's chemicals and plastics was valued at around $73 billion

While exports were around $40 billion

The industry is poised to continue growth

The chemical sector alone is estimated to increase by 27 percent by 2020

Chemical and plastic companies have diverse strengths that are closely tied with other key sectors
Cody, Prabhjot, William
Investing in Canada
Largest supply and lowest cost for feedstock and electricity
Quality skilled labor

Investing in Canada
World class research institutions

Students of 2014:
Students Scholarship:
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