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The Hunger Games - The Hero's Journey

No description

Cheryl Varnadoe

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of The Hunger Games - The Hero's Journey

Status Quo
Ordinary World

Katniss Everdeen
District 12
Very poor District
Mother and Sister
Father killed in mining accident
Hunts for food with bow and arrow
Step 2: Assistance
The second step is assistance. During this stage, the hero receives guidance from an older or wiser person who serves as a mentor to them during the adventure. Katniss receives assistance from Haymitch, who is a former Hunger Games winner from District 12.
Step 3: Departure
Departure is the third step of the hero’s journey. In this step, the hero enters the special world. Katniss departs on a train from her home in District 12 to travel to the Capitol for the games.
Step 4: Trials
Step four is trials. A hero must go through trials such as solving a riddle, escaping a trap, or slaying a monster. Katniss goes through many trials in the book including the private scoring trial, fighting the other tributes, and outsmarting the game makers.
Step 5: Approach
Approach is the fifth step in the journey. In this stage, the hero faces their biggest fear. Katniss faces her biggest fear when hears the cannon go off and she finds that Peeta has been picking the Nightlock berries. She believes that Peeta has eaten the berries and died.
Step 6: Crisis
The sixth step of Katniss’s journey is crisis. In this step, the hero faces death and enters their darkest hour. Katniss experiences this when she and Peeta agree to eat the poisonous Nightlock berries rather than kill each other when the game makers declare that two winners cannot be named.
Step 1: Call to Adventure
The call to adventure is the first step. In this step, the hero is presented with a problem or challenge with danger or high stakes. The call to adventure for Katniss is when she volunteers as tribute in place of her younger sister, Prim.
Step 7: Treasure
Treasure is the seventh step in the hero’s journey. The hero is given special recognition or power. The treasure for Katniss is that both she and Peeta are allowed to be victors of the games and she has kept her promise to Prim to remain alive.
Step 8: Result
Step 9: Return
The eighth step in the journey is the result. In this stage, the enemy usually bows down or changes. The result for Katniss is the hope she has given to District 12 and all of Panem as well as winning food and other rewards for her own district.
Return is the ninth step in Katniss’s hero’s journey. In this step, the hero returns to the ordinary world. Katniss is returned from the games and is treated like a victor with tours and interviews.

Step 10: New Life
The tenth step is new life. Katniss has to pretend and convince the Capitol that she is truly in love with Peeta. Katniss is no longer a tribute but a Victor. She defied the Capitol is now a figure of hope for all of Panem.
Step 11: Resolution
The eleventh step is resolution. Katniss returns to her district, but she is now a new person. This is her new Status Quo. She wants her life to go back to as normal as it can be but it will never be the same.
By: Parker Varnadoe
May the Odds Be Forever in Your Favor
By answering the call to adventure, winning trials, and eventually earning a new life, Katniss Everdeen emerges as a hero from her incredible journey.
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