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Dow Jones Industrial Average

No description

Robert Reishman

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Dow Jones Industrial Average

Calculations p= prices of component stocks
d= the Dow Divisor
Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA The Dow consists of 30 large,
publicy traded companies.
"Price Weighted"
The sum of its component prices
are then divided by a
divisor, known as the Dow Divisor. Used when computing a new
divisor due to stock splits Example Uses A stock trading at $100 will be making up 10 times more of the total index compared to a stock trading at $10 Price Weighted
Example Price Weighted A price-weighted index is a stock market index where each company's stock makes up a fraction of the index that is proportional to its price. DJIA is used to determine the
strength of the entire stock market
based on 30 large, publicly traded
companies. What these averages tell you is the general health of stock prices as a whole. If the economy is "doing well," then the prices of stocks as a group tend to rise. If it is "doing poorly," prices as a group tend to fall. The averages show you these tendencies in the market as a whole. Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJI: ^DJI)
Index Value: 11,144.57
Trade Time: 4:01pm ET
Change: 21.46 (0.19%)
Prev Close: 11,123.11
Open: 11,122.96
Day's Range: 11,096.20 - 11,154.55
52wk Range: 7,699.79 - 11,154.55
Reading the DJIA (Current Divisor)
.14418073 DJIA= 11,144.57 __________________ (Sum of 30 stocks)
1606.83 "Its the Same But Different"
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