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Our Diversity Quotient - Career Management

No description

Hanadi Ibrahim

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Our Diversity Quotient - Career Management

Our Diversity Quotient
by Hanadi Ibrahim
What Makes Us The Same?
What Makes Us Different?
Ethical and Unethical Behaviors
Examples of Unethical Behavior
Consequences Of Having Unethical Behavior
Examples of Ethical Behaviors
How to Occupy Ethical Behavior
We all are human
We all make mistakes
We all want to be different
We all have people we love and trust
We all have fellow companions
We all have likes and dislikes
We all have opinions
We all are intelligent in some topic
We all are talented
We all go through pain and hardships
Ethical : of or relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
Unethical: behavior that is not morally correct.

They communicate well with others and are cooperative team members.
They praise the company and their supervisor.
They are willing to try new tasks and believe in their ability to believe.
They enjoy working in their job and working with their coworkers.
Finding things to do without being told
Recording inaccurate work hours
Blaming others co-workers for their mistake
Criticize others' opinions
They have negative attitudes most of the time (grouchy and irritable)
Not loyal to their company (their supervisor, coworkers, customers, etc)
If a company is unethical, the word spreads quickly and the company will have a bad reputation.
Results in bad publicity; the effects can be permanent
Unethical behavior also decreases productivity of a company.
Cause a company to lose good and valuable employees and hard to find new employees.
Resulting in more customer dissatisfaction and fewer new customers.
Using knowledge to solve problems ethically and to do what is right.
Putting personal motivations aside and acting with objectivity by doing what is right.
Establishing just and mutually agreed upon criteria and administering them fairly to all people.
Putting institutional and/or stakeholder interests above self interests.
Recognizing and encouraging others for their contributions.
Making unpopular decisions based on fair consideration of the facts.
Our ancestry
Our religion and background
Our gender
Our age
Our personality
Our thoughts
Our style
Our opinions
Our daily challenges
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