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Hydro-electricity vs. Fossil Fuels

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Susheel Saikanth Kona

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Hydro-electricity vs. Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels
What is Hydro-electricity?
Hydro-Electricity is the energy created when the kinetic energy in a body of water is used to spin a generator. The generators are inside Hydro-electric dams. Dams are usually built at the base of waterfalls or in the middle of a river.
Dam in the middle of a river
Dam at the base of a waterfall
The Best alternative
How does it work?
Pros of Hydro-electricity
Why its the best alternative
• There is No pollution
• It is a renewable source of energy
and other green energy sources
• Dams are cheap to operate
•Very reliable
Cons of Hydro-electricity
• Hydro-electric dams are very Expensive to build
• Hydro-electric dams might kill fish or aquatic wildlife
• Very safe, compared to other sources of electricity
• Limited number of spots left to build dams
Fossil fuel based electricity
and what is global warming
What is global warming?
Our dependance on fossil fuels is too much. In fact, more than 1/3 of all energy demanded in Canada is fossil fuel based. Scientists have predicted that all of our oil will run out in the next 50 years. That means that we will not be able to drive the cars we do today in 2060! This is why we have to find greener sources of energy and lead a more sustainable life.
Global warming is the slow increase of the earth's atmospheric temperature. The cause of this increase are greenhouse gasses. These are gasses that we emit with the use of our technologies, like cars, power stations, etc. The Earth's ozone layer filters just the amount of the Sun's rays (UV rays) into the Earth's surface. The rest bounce back to space. These greenhouse gasses thicken the ozone layer and less UV rays get bounced back to space and more remain on earth. This causes our planet to heat up.
Before global warming
(with greenhouse gasses)
Why are fossil-fuel based power stations causing global warming ?
Fossil fuel based power stations are causing global warming because these power stations let off Carbon dioxide as waste. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas. This means that the gas, when let into the atmosphere, will stop the Sun's rays from escaping to space.
• Power stations are very cheap to operate
• Fossil fuels, such as coal, are easy to find
• Fossil fuel based power stations can be built almost anywhere.
• Power stations pollute the atmosphere
• Mining fossil fuels result in deforestation
• Power stations need trainloads of coal everyday to produce electricity
• Use of natural gas can result in unpleasant odors
As you can see, Hydro-electric dams are much greener than fossil fuel based power stations. Dams are also much more efficient than fossil fuel power stations
Thank You!
by Susheel Kona
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