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China and USA

US and China's position in near future.

Minho Jeong

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of China and USA

Challenger: China in the Twenty-First Century. "We've had a couple hundred bad yars, but now we're back."
-Shanghai Resident -Accordoing to International public opinion polls, The majority of world citizens would prefer to see the end of American world dominance and the restoration of a more balanced constellation of global power. 1978 China's per capita income: $230 *among lowest in the world. China's economy: Phenomenal rate of 9.5% growth annually. High percentage of population believes China should take a GREATER role in world affairs Is America's days of being self-appointed Global Police over? 2003, China overtook the US as the most popular destination for foreign direct investment. *up until this point China was seen as dominant only in
labor intensive sectors like:Toy, Shoe, and Clothing manufacturing. Today, China is No.1 producer of cell phones,
television sets, and DVD players. Now moving into the manufacture of computer chips,
automobiles, jet engines, and military weaponry; Sectors
typically dominated by advanced economies.
also the biggest consumer of cell phones
and consumer electronics and will probably be the No.1 consumer of automobiles in the not-distant future. International Relations China, do you have the potential?
United States continues to battle increasing global hostility. China has quietly connected with nearly all of the world's major countries,
both developed and developing. Debt forgiveness
Foreign aid To improved the public image and develope I.R., they... China taking advantage of the West's refusal to deal with "rogue states." In the Middle East and Africa. Angola, Burma, Congo, and Iran. Invested heavily on Africa and it's paying off Biggest contributor in Darfur peacekeeping.
Largest investor in Sudan's massive oil fields. Pew Foundation global survey found
that a majority of citizens in Canada,
France, Germany, the Netherlands,
Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom
now view China more favorably than
they do the United States. US or China? US still upper hand despite losing upper hand in economy because
more than anything else, the US' ability to draw in and exploit the world's most
valuable human capital has been responsible for its unstoppable ascent to economic, military, and technological preeminence. China has been transformed from a major threat to the
United States to an increasingly important future ally Americans want less involvement with rest of the world. U.S. Seen as Less Important, China as More Powerful
Isolationist Sentiment Surges to Four-Decade High What I learned by reading the article "U.S. Seen as Less Important, China as More Powerful. Isolationist Sentiment Surges to Four-Decade High." is that soon world will be reorganized and we need to be educated to keep up with this trend. Whether we like it or not, We live in a world where globalization is main trend. I learned that US is doing things wrong and should make effort to make it right. Challenges -Staggering pollution
-Regional wealth disparities *$3600 in 2009 US phenomenal rate of -2.5% growth in 2009 Lets foreign companies do business in China.
In return, They force companies to share technology Overview -Modern China -International Relations of China -Challenges China face -Council of Foreign Affair Minho Jeong
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