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In our tenth year

No description

Gerard Gan

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of In our tenth year

By :Simon Armitage
In our tenth year
This book, this page, this harebell laid to rest.
Phrase 1

Between these sheets, these leaves,
if pressed still bleeds
of the way we were

Meaning and Analysis
'Harebell' represents and symbolizes many things.it could be as a feeling like humility and grief or a memory.
'laid to rest' could represents a bad marriage.
Those years: the fuss of such and such a day,
that disagreement and its final word,

your inventory of names and dates and times,

my infantries of tall, dark, handsome lies.

Phrase 2
Phrase 3
A decade on, now we astound ourselves;

still two, still twinned but doubled now with love

and for a single night apart, alone,

how sure we are, each of the other half.
It gives a feeling of the couple trying to get back together.This is when both of them had survived the storms of marriage and instead of ending this relationship they have now they have grown closer. They have put aside their differences. They have accepted one another.
Phrase 4
This harebell holds its own. Let's give it now
in air, with light, the chance to fade, to fold.
Here, take it from my hand.
Now, let it go.
This couple's marriage and love is not permenant.
This first line is
about a couple's
marriage status.
The marriage is bad
and the relationship
is put on a long hold.
They act as if they
had never met each
other before.
In the past this couple was always fighting and arguing on small and not meaningful matters.
In this bad and broken marriage,
in this period of weak communication, there
is still love between the couple,
but it is not shown or discovered
do it together
Done by:
Gerard Gan Zhi Wei 10T
Luke Kok Tee Xuan 10A
Our feelings towards the poem
This poem gave a bad impression about love at first but at the end made it so that to say that love is able to be restored by forgetting about the past and looking into the future. The feeling we also thought was important was that it gave a brief view of what would happen in a normal mariage
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