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Connecting the Dots through Newborn Screening

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Stacy Hines-Dowell

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Connecting the Dots through Newborn Screening

Connecting the Dots
Newborn Screening

Stacy Hines-Dowell, DNP, APNG
Baby's First Test

It all started with an idea....
What is Connecting the Dots?
Connecting the Dots is a educational curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) nurses in a tertiary hospital.
Connecting the Dots:
The Pilot
Its goal was to develop and implement a curriculum addressing nurses’ knowledge and barriers regarding Newborn Screening (NBS).

The second goal was for participants to
gain a better understanding of the general
procedures, laws and goals of
Tennessee’s NBS guidelines.

The Experimental Design
Using quasi-experimental design (pre/post test) comparisons, we measured the participants’ mastery of the materials as well as attitudes toward the subject matter.
Participants were recruited through a
convenience sampling method, with
participation both voluntary and anonymous.

A total of 26 full- and part-time RNs in Le Bonheur’s NICU and Infant Care units took a pre-test.

Participants then accessed the PowerPoint educational module through ChexWeb, the institution’s online educational informatics

A paired t-test showed a statistically significant difference (P < 0.0001) in the 26 participants’ pre-/post-test results.

Of the 26 participants, 22 scored better on the post-test; three scored the same on both tests and one person scored lower on the post-test.
In 2009 Connecting the Dots was born...
Connecting the Dots:
The Pilot Study
(2009- 2010)

What did we learn?
85% of the participants showed an increase of knowledge, suggesting the value of entering phase
two of this project.
Fast Forward to 2013
Our application was selected as one of the 2013 Baby's First Test Challenge Awards!
Connecting the Dots:
Phase 2
Continue to develop and update the educational curriculum

Develop model educational materials for NICU parents

Develop a Webinar
Strategic Planning
Multiple meetings

Focus group with 25 NICU nurses

Refine nursing educational module

Outline drafts for parent educational storyboard
Experimental Design
The goal was to use a quasi-experimental
design (pre/post test) for the nursing
educational module.

Pre/post test for parent educational
Goal: Recruit 50 NICU nurses.

Goal: Recruit 20 NICU parents

Results: Nurses
The nurses were given a 10 question post test.
82% answered 9 of the 10-questions correctly.
40% failed to answer 1-question correctly.
96% of the NICU nurses surveyed agreed the educational module was informative.

Results: Parents
Parents were given a 5 question pre-test.

The storyboard presentation was given to each parent(in small groups and/or individually).

Parents were given the same 5 question following the presentation.
Pre Test- 100% of the parents surveyed responded with 3 or more questions incorrectly.

Post Test- 85% of the parents answered each question correctly.

The 5th question asked " Is this your first baby." 9 answered Yes and 11 No.
Effective NBS testing in NICUs can significantly reduce long-term disability or even death in an affected child. This validates the importance of an evidence-based standardized and comprehensive education module specific to NICU nursing.
Special Thanks
Baby's First Test/ Genetic Alliance
Dr. Jewell Ward and entire ULPS Division of Medical Genetics
Connecting the Dots- My entire TEAM!
The NICU nursing staff and leadership
Le Bonheur's Nursing Administration
State of TN NBS Screening Lab
Overall, there was a statistically significant improvement of knowledge among the parents after the NBS storyboard presentation.
The pilot study focused on designing a
standardized clinical educational module for
Le Bonheur neonatal nurses.
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