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Hunger Games

No description

Jackie M

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Hunger Games

Hunger Games
Written by: Suzanne Collins

Prim(Katniss's 12year old sister) and Peeta, the bakers son are drawn for the 74 annual Hunger Games but Katniss is the first volunteer in place of Prim. Katniss and Peeta are put on a train and headed for the capital. They have their own rooms on the train and well fed unlike in district 12. There are 12 districts and a girl and boy from each district are chosen, all tributes are thrown in to an arena that is in a dome so the game makers can make anything happen. They fight to the death and only one comes out. So the winner will be presented with money and live in a nice house at one section of there district. In district 12 there is only one house filled and that is Haymitch's.
Katniss is fitted for boots, jacket and other clothing and then waits to enter the arena. When entering the arena tributes are put in a glass cylinder and the floor slowly rises and each tribute is risen and is standing in front of the cornucopia that has more powerful weapons closest to it and less powerful farthest. Haymitch told them not to go into it because that's where you will be killed but Katniss is caught looking at the one bow and arrow. Peeta is at the other end and distracts Katniss so when the time is out and its time to go Katniss doesn't have enough time to get it so she grabs the package closest to her and the bag in front of that. She is trying to pull it from another boy that grabbed it at the same time and suddenly falls back, and Katniss looks and sees a girl tribute throwing knives, Katniss gets up and runs when she throws a knife and Katniss pulls the pack in front of her and the knife sticks in the middle of the pack the girl doesn't keep trying because she knows she is to far now.
You'll have to read:)
Poor district 12 where Katniss and Peeta live
rich capital and known as district 1
arena that is in a dome where the fighting is
train to the capital
At first Katniss and Peeta talked a little and then more because their mentor Haymitch told them to because it would get them sponsors and that is needed to get food when your starving in the games or in need of medican. Sponsors want some one with good skills(First where they learn skills then I will go back to when the tributes are presented on carriages.) All 24 tributes go down to the training room where they test their skills. Katniss and Peeta stay away from the bows and the weights because Katniss is good at using a bow and arrows and Peeta is strong from throwing flour back at home and they dont want the other tributes to know there strangths. The tributes scores were shown on t.v.with their picture, the scores were mostly around 7-9 out of 12, 1 lowest 12 highest . Peeta was first and got an 8 then Katniss...
Note:Haymitch and Effie Trinket are there mentors that are training them to compete in the games and tell them how to get sponsor. Sponsors are the people that will buy you medicine and other things you might need to survive. So you have to get them to like you during the interviews and get good scores.
Katniss surprised the game makers, it was her turn, she was the last one. The game makers were getting bored after watching 23 other tributes. The first arrow was a miss about 5 inches from the head of the people target,
then the game makers were not paying attention when the next arrow was shot and hit right in the bullseye of the chest target. Katniss got mad because they weren't watching and shot towards the game makers and hit the apple right out of the pigs mouth and pinned against the wall behind it.
Katniss scores a surprising
Katniss and Peeta are presented in carriages pulled by well trained horses that know what to do. There dresser and designer didn't want to do the normal design and dress them up like there district. Instead they wore a leather outfit and Katniss's hair in folded braids. When they are riding over to the front by the game makers with the stadiums full of people and cameras all over there is fake flame coming off their backs, but they don't know that. About half way through Peeta grabs Katniss's hand,Katniss flinches and moves her hand. Peeta whispers"come on they'll love it." So they hold hands and raise it in the air for everyone to see. The crowd did love it.
All 24 tributes are interviewed and 23th is Katniss and 24th is Peeta. She talks mostly about when she volunteered for her sister Prim.They refer to her as being the girl on fire. Katniss was wearing a red dress with her fingers painted with flames, Katniss then spun around to show them her flames. Then it was Peetas turn...
Katniss is in a tall tree asleep when she hears sound of trees cracking she turns and sees a fire. Then hears a high pitch scream they killed her, at least she thought but there was no bomb. She can hear them talking below her tree and she hears Peeta's voice he is in with the careers. They dont think she is dead yet so Peeta go to finish her off and then she hears the bom.
Katniss wakes up to cracking and sees beams of light, all the trees behind her are on fire she gets up so fast she falls out of the tree and and starts to run. About 6 inches of her hair was burned off and burned her leg. she later then is running from careers and up a tree they try to climb to her but fails and then a girl tries to shoot her with the bow that could have been Katniss's, the arrow hit right above Katniss. Katniss grabbed it and stuck it in her pack. Then Peeta said " just let her she has to come down sometime, either that or starve to death." So they let her stay and they slept under the tree. Then she saw Rue the youngest tribute age 12 that is the youngest you can be to be in the games. She points to a tracker-jacker nest, their venom can cause serious hallucinatons and too many stings can kill you, this type of wasp was created by the game makers. At the anthem where they show who died that day she cut the branch that the nest was hanging from but then had to finish in the morning.Katniss hears a bell and a parachute was above her, it had medicine to treat her burn.when she was cutting it she was stung in the neck, cheek and her wrist. Once she cut through the branch the nest fell onto the careers and the girl that tried to shoot her was stung millions of times and was lying dead on the ground while all the other careers ran away. Katniss got out of the tree and started to run, when she remembered she has the bow she ran back getting dizzy trying to keep her balance because of the bee stings. she pulled the bow from her hand and hearing the breaking of her fingers and the arrows off her back. Then Peeta ran to her yelling go go! As she tried running away and calapsed in the bushes.
Katniss became an ally with Rue and Rue knew how to heal her stings and they come up with a plan to destroy the careers stash of food and supplies. Katniss goes to desrtoy it and Rue lights fires to distract them...
do they blow up the stash?
do the careers fall for it
do the careers stay alive
There is a change in the game that two people can win if they are from the same district.
do Katniss and Peeta pair up
who wins
what happens to Rue
Effie Trinket
Prezi Created by: Jackie Martin
This book is fiction because it isn't something that happens in real life and took place in the present. I really like this book i would give it a 9.5 out of 10 because it was very detailed but there was little things i wasn't sure about and because i like stories that leave you hanging so you want to see what happens I would Recommend this book it is a lot more detailed and better than the movie.My favorite passage was at the end because it was suspenseful and exciting.
description Part II
description Part I
but first...
About the Author: Suzanne Collins was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1962, her dad was an Air Force pilot, and her family moved meny times when she was younger. After she was as talented as a children's television writer, she published her debut book, Gregor the Overlander, was the first book of The Underland Chronicles. The first book of The Hunger Games series was published in 2008.
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