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Career Research Presentation - Market Research

An in-depth presentation showcasing the profession of the market researcher, including my own personal job shadow.

Colton Zuvich

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Career Research Presentation - Market Research

Market Researcher
Career Research
By, Colton Zuvich
What is a Market Researcher?
So... Why are they Important?
Their job is to determine the desires of the consumer and corporation
To monitor and forecast sales trends using data from surveys and UPC (universal product code) databases
Determine the effectiveness of Advertisements & brand names
Present their finding's on new trends visually to their client
"The data we collect really means nothing, it's the story we put behind the data that adds value, and makes it all worth it."
-JoAnn Ciavarelli

In the tough American economy companies want to understand the trends where their market is going
They want to see how their products are selling compared to competitors
Better know where to direct their attention when marketing or budgeting money.
Required Education
Benefits/Salaries of Position
Bachelor's Degree in:
Business administration
Computer science
Skills in:
Research & Problem Solving
Fine-eye for detail
Range of Pay:
Median Salary
Benefits- Fringe Benefit Package:
Standard Insurances; health, life, disability, dental. With paid vacation and holiday time.
Work extra hours to complete deadline work
Job Outlook increasing by 41% in the next 7 years
Job Shadow
Market Research Firm
Where I Shadowed
Specialize in gathering data
Creating and executing survey's
Helping companies better invest their marketing budgets
What I learned?
Who I Shadowed:
JoAnn Ciavarelli
-Market Research Consultant at Symphony IRI
How Market Research Data Works
Suppose you buy yogurt at a grocery store...
When that yogurt is scanned by the register, it is imported to a market research database.
Market researchers then analyze and interpret that scanned data
Question: How fast is the Yogurt category growing on a dollar basis?
Question: What yogurt has the highest dollar share of category?
Greek Yogurt
Finally, market researchers present their new-found evidence to their clients
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