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Amelie Presentation

No description

John Callahan

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Amelie Presentation

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

John Callahan

Not Enough Stars to Give
Amélie received almost universal acclaim from audiences and critics upon release
It is so hard to make a nimble, charming comedy. So hard to get the tone right and find actors who embody charm instead of impersonating it. It takes so much confidence to dance on the tightrope of whimsy. "Amelie" takes those chances, and gets away with them. -- Roger Ebert
Nominated for five Academy Awards
Won Best Picture at the European Film Awards
Led to a sharp rise in baby girls being named Amélie
The Romance to End Them All
Amélie doesn't belong to a particular "wave"
Romantic Comedy much like Goddard's Breathless but more lighthearted
What Happens
Girl is raised by overbearing parents
Girl is secluded from outside world
Girl retreats into imagination
Girl becomes socially awkward
Girl grows up
Girl does something nice that makes someone happy
Girl makes vow to make people happy
Girl tries to get boy
Why I Love Amélie
The Story
Absolutely charming story
Feels like a realistic "feel good" movie
Plenty of twists and turns
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Born on September 3, 1953
Roanne, Loire, France
Started working in film at the age of 17
Continues to work with long-time collaborator Marc Caro
Fun Fact I Didn't Know: Jeunet directed the fourth Alien movie, which is terrible.
The Characters
Every character feels unique and interesting, with their own quirks and personality
Amélie herself is a representation of the weirdos
Much like myself
Normal is what you make of it
The Film-Making
This movie is beautiful and frantic
Feels like a cross between Wes Anderson and David Lynch
Bright colors explode on screen
Great use of different camera style
Breaking of the 4th Wall
Subtle and incredible use of music
Inventive special effects usage
Amelie. Dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet. 2001.

Roger Ebert Amelie Review: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/amelie-2001
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