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Botswana, Austyn & Caite

No description

Kate Munday

on 21 June 2017

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Transcript of Botswana, Austyn & Caite

This is Botswana ->
and also its flag.
Our food is vetkoek. Vetkoek is traditional fried bread dough. It is either served filled with cooked mince or with syrup, honey or jam. The word "vetkoek" means "fat cake" or "fat cookie". Vetkoek is similar in shape to a doughnut without a hole and is made from flour, salt and yeast. Dough is rolled into a ball then deep fried.
Independence of Botswana
In September, 1966 Bechuanaland became independent and became Botswana.

The Makgadikgadi Pans are a popular tourist destination in Botswana. These are the largest salt pans in the world and stretch over an area of 12 000 square kilometers. When the pans fill up during the rainy season, the area attracts an amazing variety of wildlife.

The Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta is the third largest inland delta in the world. Every year rain water from the highlands of Angola come down into the Okavango causing the flood basin to swell up to three times its usual size between March and June.
Botswana is in the southern region of Africa. For the most part, Botswana has a flat landscape and around 70% of Botswana is covered by the Kalahari desert.
Botswana is semi-arid. Most of the year its hot and dry but it rains mostly in the summer. In June, July and August, the average morning's temperature is 6°C.

Botswana is a land locked country in the southern region of Africa and borders four countries: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. Although it seems like Botswana only borders three countries zoomed in you can see that Botswana and Zambia share a border, but its the worlds shortest border being only one-hundred and fifty meters in length. The border is in the middle of the Zambezi River which was used to navigate across African savannahs.
In 2015 the population recorded in Botswana was 2.262 Million people, in Australia the 2015 population was 23.78 million people.
In Botswana you are more likely to die as an infant then you could in Australia. An infant is a child in early stages of life also commonly, a baby.
Health Care
The money spent on health care in Botswana is way less then the money we spend. Batswana (people of Botswana call themselves Batswana as a plural and singular; Mostwana) people spend 93% money on health care then we do.
Australia consumes 7.2339219 litres of oil per day while Botswana only consumes 1.144708523 litres of oil.
The flag of Botswana represents: blue is the rain. The black framed by white stands for diversity and the stripes of a zebra.

Salt Pans
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1. Botswana has the second highest HIV/AIDS rate, behind Swaziland.

2. Botswana won its first medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Nijel Amos won a silver medal.

3. Botswana is the worlds third largest diamond producer.

4. Botswana has the most African elephants then anywhere else in the world, the also have the most meerkats.

5. Botswana is said to have the least corrupt government in Africa.

6. The official language of Botswana is English but most of Botswana speak Setswana or Tswana.

7. The worlds second largest diamond was found in Botswana.

8. In 2009 Botswana produced 10-15 million carats of diamonds.

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