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Nafisah Shehzad

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of http://greencapmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/social-i


What is an online social network?

A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections.

Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one's business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals, often through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google.
The internet is great fun but it does have dangers and we want you to be safe online. When you join a chat room you'll find people are very friendly but the person you are talking to might not always be who they say they are.

Staying connected is the main purposes social media is to be able to stay connected to friends and family.
You are able to rekindle old friendships, share family photos and special events in your life all at the same time.

Finding people with similar interests
Social networking is a great way of to meet entirely new people. You can seek out groups that are focused towards your hobby and interests and connect with local people that shares the same interest

Cyber bullying is a growing promblem

This is especially true with young kids. They are publicly harassing one another, and posting mean or slanderous things which are broadcast-ed to the entire cyber world.

The Addiction Is Real
One of the biggest problems with the social media craze is that people are becoming more and more addicted to using it. It is the number one time waster at work, in school, and at home. All of this has caused people to have literal withdraws from their social networks.

Never give out your real name.
Never tell anyone which school you go to.
never post an image of yourself if you don't know who the person.

Avoid writing personal details like age, school.
Dont link your account with anyone else.
Dont overshare your information.
Use a strong password.
What is considered to be cyber bullying?
Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Online threats and mean, aggressive, or rude texts, tweets, posts, or messages all count. So does posting personal information, pictures, or videos designed to hurt or embarrass someone else
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