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Kilauea volcano project

Pictures and information of the kilauea volcano

Ryan Daniel

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Kilauea volcano project

Kilauea volcano The Kilauea volcano is in Hawaii Where is the Kilauea volcano located? The Kilauea volcano is in Hawaii When was the last time Kilauea erupted? What is the latitude and longitude of Kilauea? 19.4167 degrees north, 155.2833 degrees west The last major eruption was April 1st 2009. However, Kilauea has been continuously erupting since 1983. What continent is Kilauea on? Kilauea is not necessarily located on a
continent, but it is located on the island of Hawaii What type of volcano is Kilauea? What type of lave does Kilauea have? Kilauea is a shield volcano Pahoehoe lava
This lava comes out smooth and dense
and can form large areas that resemble
flat parking lots. What is the elevation of Kilauea? 1,277 meters Current status? Kilauea is still the most active shield volcano on Earth. Interesting information It is the youngest and most active shield volcano.
It is a youthful shield. Building my volcano Recipe for paper mache volcano
*water Attaching base of my volcano
Attaching tube so that I can explode my
volcano. Applying paper mache Forming Volcano with chicken wire Completion of paper mache Painting my volcano Completion of painting. THE ERUPTION!!! Erupting Mount Ryan (Video) Preparing Lava... Ingredients: Baking soda, red food coloring and white vinegar.
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