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New Applications of Medical Cannabis in the Collective Setti

No description

on 23 June 2017

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Transcript of New Applications of Medical Cannabis in the Collective Setti

New Applications of Medical Cannabis in the Collective Setting
Bryan Willkomm
General Manager
Humboldt Patient Resource Center

Cannabis Edibles
Juiced Cannabis Leaf
Safety Note:
Clean (Veganic) Medicine Only
Masticating Juicers Preferred
High in Vitamin K
Cannabis Concentrates
BHO Shatter
Bud Rosin
Bubble Hash
Rick Simpson Oil
Cannabis Flower Buds
New for Patients
Cannabinoid Potency Testing
Mold/Mildew Safety Screening
Terpene Profile Analysis
New Vapor Pen Technology
High THC Medicine 17-28%THC
Photo: Girl Scout Cookies
Mild THC / High CBD Medicine
5-6%THC 12-16% CBD
Photo: The Trident
Low THC/High CBD Medicine
x<0.3% THC 15-22% CBD
Photo: AC/DC
Cannabis Tinctures
New for Patients
New for Patients
Supplement/Vitamin Infused (Sensi Chew)
Caffeine Infused (Sensi Chew, Scorpion Tea)
Elixirs (Space Gem)
Savory Foods (Pesto Sauce)
Probiotic Drinks (Humboocha)
New for Patients
Cannabis Topical
New for Patients
CO2 Vapor Pens
New for Patients
New for Patients
Clones and Seeds
New for Patients
Cannabinoid Ratio Specific Tinctures
Herbal Infused Tinctures
Better control of dosage
Synergystic value of herbs
Non-Smoking Discreet Alternative
Multiple carriers (Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Alcohol, Grape Seed Oil)
Options Have Increased
Educating Patients
Proper Dosage
Delayed Effects
Extended Duration
Sugar is addictive!
Frozen Ice Cubes
Fresh Preferred

Juicing Gardens vs. Flower Gardens
Cannabinoid Specific Clones
Morphology well known
Breeding Potentials with seeds
Non Psychoactive Alternatives
Bathing Soaks
Fast Acting Spray
Trans dermal Patches
Discreet and Convenient
Ease of Use
No Combustion
New Technology
Lithium Batteries
Solvent Extraction
Non Solvent Options
Decarboxylated Products
Acidic Extractions Non Heated
Smoked or Ingested
Fully Purged Products
Pesticide Free Extractions
Process of Dabbing is Dangerous
Extraction of Concentrates is dangerous
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