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No description

fiona wilke

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of KANGAROOS

in Australia

Types of kangaroos:
Living together:
Live in groups of eight-ten animals (mob)
Male kangaroos sometimes fight
Live in eastern Australia and Australia
Enemies: Dingoes, wild dogs, pythons, eagles
Are plant eaters
Baby kangaroos are called Joeyes
Joeyes spend nine months in the pouch
Are born pink, blind and hairless
Are as big as a grape
Fun facts:
can't jump backwards
Are good swimmers
Is on the australian Dollar coin
Thanks for Your attention
only live in Australia
are marsupials, a special kind of mammals
live for four-ten years in average

That's a kangaroo :D
The two main kangaroos are the Red Kangaroos and the Grey Kangaroos
Many other types for example the Tree Kangaroo
Smallest: Rat Kangaroo (30.5 cm)
Largest: Red Kangaroo (1.80 m)
Red Kangaroo
Large strong back legs
Long tail
Female Kangaroos have a pouch
Very good ears
They can jump up to nine meters wide
They eat...
Spinifex grass
Green plants

And they drink water
Kangaroo baby
Australian Dollar coin
Do you have any questions?
Grey Kangaroo
Rat Kangaroo
Tree Kangaroo
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