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Digital Literacy

No description

Pico Ichikawa

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy
By Pico Ichikawa 7T
We all did a survey on digital Literacy and what we all do online. For example social media and the addiction to the internet. There are many interesting topics to explore.
Some of my survey's result
many people love
not many people go on the internet less than twice a week
There are many forms of cyberbullying and but luckily in my survey most people have never got cyber bullied or have been a cyber bully. A good piece of advice is to not type something you wouldn't say in front of that person. Many of those people feel bad about themself so don't let it get to you
Safety on the internet
Safety is very important on the internet apart from cyberbullying you could also get chain mail. You should be careful with inn app purchases so even if you are on a free app they may say a wonderful package just for 1.99. Make sure you don't go on any illegal movie websites as you do not know what they containe. And if you come accross a picture that is innappropriate just tell an adult as they can do something about it. And don't get upset there is ussualy something an adult can do about it so just tell an adult.
Digital Footprint
Digital footprint is for example if you delete a record that you've been on the record google will still keep a record of that website so the moral of digital footprint is be careful what you do online. So if you know it's something your parents don't want you to see don't.
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