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low budget film vs high budget

comparing what differences there is in production, profit and quality with a high or low price budget

Claudia Burks

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of low budget film vs high budget

low budget vs high budget looking at harry potter vs paranormal activity institutions used harry potter
$974,755,371 how much money was used and how much profit was made differences between the institutions used what other films have been made by this institution what genre does the institute usually produce? what audiences do each institutes aim to appeal to? what institute out performs the other? distributer
Harry Potter - warner bros pictures
paranormal activity - paramount pictures
harry potter - david heyman
paranormal activity - steven schneider paranormal activity
$193,355,800 the budget for paranormal activity was $15,000 this was a low budget and money was probably saved by oren peli acting as the director,screen writer, producer, editor and cineamtographer this would have saved them paying out of their budget to employ other workers and do the work that he could have done originally. they also had low key actors which means they wouldn't have had to spend much money on paying for the actors. they only had one setting which was the house, this must have also saved them money.
harry potters budget was $125 million which is $124,985,000 extra to spend rather than paranormal activity, harry potter was a lot more well known also as the craze of the books written by j.k Rowling which made them make the film making it even more of a phenomenon giving them a higher budget although they used expensive equpiment, large team, high key actors and high qulity special effects they would make alot of profit from how well known the whole harry potter branding is known both institutions are very well known, both produce film and television. Paramount its the second oldest institution, Warner bros has produce over 5,500 films. both institutions can often be in competition with each other as they both produce well known and wanted films. i would say that people around my age have watched a mixture of both institutions, i wouldn't be able to say myself which one i think is better as i think it depends on the film itself not just the institution Warner bros:
rebel without a cause
bonnie and Clyde
the blind side
Sherlock Holmes
sex and the city
slum dog millionaire
matrix paramount:
Beverly hills cop
Indiana Jones
iron man
Forrest Gump
titanic Warner Bros: story based films
paramount: more action and animated paramount: tries to target all audiences
Warner Bros: for all different ages but targeted more towards and adult audience i think both institutions do very well in the film industries as they both produce world class films and make large profits showing the outcomes of their hard work and how it obviously pays off although i do think personally that paramount out does Warner Bros for the simple reason that it has been around longer so i feel that the films are of a better quality as they are more experience in what knowing will put them above the rest of the film institutions and producers.
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