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No description

Alfred Rasmussen

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Chost

They are in old ships and old hauntet houses
True or false
Scientists say that there are no real ghosts, but many people believe that there are.
There can be evil ghosts, but there can also be good ones.
There have never been any ghosts that have actually hurt or killed people
Why are they here?
Sometimes the ghosts in these stories exist because of some problem the person had during life or to say good bye to loved ones, that was not solved before he or she died. The ghost stays on the Earth trying to fix the problem. If the problem is fixed, the ghost can find peace.
Made by Magnus og Alfred
Evil or good?
Where are they
The fealing when you meat a ghost
Often the ghost is said to appear as a feeling of cold and a light or a misty cloud, but sometimes people say they have seen ghosts that look more like people.
The end
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