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No description

Brandon Loshe

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Islamophobia

Islamophobia the axiety of Islam FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORDS "MUSLIM" OR "ISLAM Names and Events Osama Bin Laden, 9/11 trageties, or Palestinian suicide bomers Practices jihad, veiling, or the Islamic law Places Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran "WE VERSES THEM" Micheal Welch
creates idea that Americans see oursleves as the good guys and them as the bad ones
leads to hate crimes, war crimes, torture, and prisoner abuse to by justified
American guards abusing prisoners of war and abusing them- ironic
causes Americans to see Muslims as backwards and violent people
also causes innocent victums to be singled out because of religious differences CAN ISLAMOPHOBIA BE COMPARED TO OTHER TRAUMAS?
"...'Islamophobia' accurately reflects a social anxiety toward Islam and Muslim cultures that is largely unexamined by, yet ingrained in, Americans." -Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg Works Cited
Afshar, Haleh, Rob Aitken, and Myfanwy Franks. Muslim Diaspora: Gender, Culture, and Identity. Ed. Haideh Moghissi. Abingdon: Routldge, 2006. Print.

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Shafey, Mohammed Al. “A Talk with President Obama’s Advisor on Muslim Affairs, Dalia Mogahed.” Aswsat.com. Saudi Research and Publishing Company, 5 Jul. 2009. Web. 21 April 2010.

Welch, Michael. Scapegoasts of September 11th: Hate Crimes & State Crimes in the War on Terror. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2006. Print.

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