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Copy of First Day of Class - Rules & Routines

A presentation to welcome my students to their first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Jade Stenger

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of First Day of Class - Rules & Routines

Class Binder
2) You will need 5 dividers:
-Graded Work

3) There will be random binder checks, so make sure you keep up with it.
1) Bring a 1 1/2 in binder to be used in this class every day.
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Rene Birthday
Be respectful
to Mrs. Stenger's class!
Where we all start with a CLEAN SLATE :)
About Me
About Mrs. Stenger
I'm from
I like
I don't like
Corpus Christi, Texas
What are they?
Proficiency Scales
Classroom Entry
Permission to speak?
well-oiled machine.
help the classroom run smoothly,
Manvel High School
Attn: Mrs. Stenger
19601 Texas 6
Manvel, TX 77578
Mr. and Mrs. Lee
4 Good Behavior Road
Michael has been working very hard in English class! He's been completing his homework every day, asks for help when he needs it and contributes to group discussions in positive ways. His results are improving greatly - you must be proud of your son!
Mr. and Mrs. Lee,

Mrs. Stenger
Late Work
Hands up and wait to be called. OFTEN I will ask a non-volunteer first! Be patient. And of course, when someone else is contributing, your mouth is closed.
Leave it on your desk, and put it in the bin at the end of the lesson.
Intelligence is not a fixed trait!
Parents to call:
- Joe :(
- Sarah :(
- Harry :(

Help me!
Absent from
Spending time with my family, reading, cooking and blogging
People touching my stuff, not putting things back in its proper place or seeing holes.
To make you WANT to come to my class!
Be engaged
Be on time
Your brain is a muscle that will GROW with EXERCISE!
Good Behavior, TX 247365
Even if you do not have your assignment, you will still turn in a late work form
One day late=highest possible score of an 85
Two days late=highest possible score of a 70
Three days late=NO CREDIT
You will receive two hall passes to use each nine weeks
Nine week passes cannot be carried over.
If you provide teacher with three wish list items you will earn a third pass that can be carried over
If you do not use your hall passes you will receive bonus points on your lowest daily grade
Hall Passes
Pick up any handouts that are on the table
Turn-in any assignments to your period's bin
If you were absent, fill out a make-up form
Ask teacher questions
When bell rings, begin the bell ringer
Consequences can be negative AND positive! (So can One School)
All school rules are in place in our classroom.
& Routines
like a
Lessons Learned
When you
to break the rules, there are
Seating plan
Conference with Mrs. stenger
Phone call home
Conference with your parents
Office Referral

Your learning will suffer
and your
brain will
Notes and calls home
Spiral Notebook
Pencil Pouch
Blue and black ink pens only (for assignments you turn in)
#2 Pencils
Highlighters (at least three different colors)
Post-it notes (various colors & sizes)
Map Pencils
Antibacterial gel and/or tissue
Fill out a make-up request form before class and turn into the make-up form bin.
Pick up any hand outs in the period's folder
Remember, it is your responsibility to make up any missed work!
"All who have meditated on the art of governing [hu]mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth"
- Aristotle

Reward slips
Come inside quietly and without distracting others. Sign my late book, leave me your note, take a seat and begin work.
Late to class?
Classroom Exit
You are not dismissed by the bell! You are dismissed by your teacher. When directed - pack your belongings away, clean any trash in your area, and wait to be dismissed.
One School Notes
Student Introductions

Stay Connected
Student Info Sheet
Please fill out the information on your Student Information Sheet. When finished put in your period's bin and sit quietly and wait for further directions.

Classroom Rules
Treat everyone and everything in this room with respect
Participate and be engaged in class
Leave outside problems at the door
Do your work
Learning Goals

Students will:

1. Understand classroom rules and procedures; and

2. Develop relationships with others in the class.
Remind 101
Text @mrssteng to (469)209-8611
*Ask parents for permission.
If you do not have an unlimited messaging plan, rates may apply.

Class Website
*Works on mobile devices
*Find up to date agendas, handouts and great resources
A little comic relief...
Daily (50%):
Quizzes, homework, in-class assignments, participation, warm-ups, notes

Major (50%):
Tests, projects, essays, short-answer responses
Students are allowed to bring in electronic devices for academic purposes only
However, electronic devices may only be used if the assignment calls for it and teacher gives permission for use
Cell phones need to kept out of sight or will be picked up and turned into the appropriate asst. principal. Retrieval by parent/guardian only and $15 fee.

Teenage Dream
Ashton Kutcher’s advice to teens is this:

1. "I believe that opportunity looks like hard work". "Every job I had was a stepping stone to the next one, and I never quit a job before I had the next one."

2. "The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else is crap! … It's just crap people try to sell to you to make you feel less."

3. And finally, "everything around us that we call life was made up people who were no smarter than you… so build a life, don't live one. Build one.

To conclude, find your opportunities and always be sexy."
My name is _____ and one thing I will miss about summer is _____. To be honest, what I love/dislike about English is ______.
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