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No description

Randilyn Kelson

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of dogs

Japanese Akita
Why I chose this topic...
I chose this topic because I have a Japanese Akita named Chase. I have had him for 5 years and I would like to know more about him.
Guiding Question 1
Where are Akitas from?
Guiding Question 3
How did they get to the United States?
Guiding Question 2
Guiding question 4
Is there a story about a special Akita?
Guiding Question 5
Guiding Question 6
Answer: Helen Keller was the first person to bring a Akita to the united states in 1937 and the dog was only 75 days old.
Answer:Akita is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern region of Japan.
Are Akitas trainable?
Answer: They are trainable if you start them young and if they're older it will be much harder.
Yes there is
Are there multiple types of Akitas?
Answer:There are 2 types of Akitas American Akitas and Japanese Akitas.
Are Japanese Akitas protective over their owners?
Answer: My Japanese Akita is very protective over my mom, dad, and me. I have have seen other Akitas being protective about their owners.
Next Steps
I would like to be able to continue this topic and hopefully find a lot of more interesting facts.
Fun facts
Male Akitas can weigh from 85 to 120 pounds.
25 to 28 in height.
life span 10 to 12 years.
Female Akitas can weigh from 65 to 90 pounds.
23 to 26 in height.
life span 10 to 12 years.
By: Randilyn Kelson
Any questions or comments?
Essential Question
How can I teach people that Akitas are usually nice in some cases?
I would have to do a lot like training Akitas, getting people to get one, and making prezis about them.
Do you believe that Akitas are protective over their owners? Answer: Yes they are protective over there owners.
My video!!!
Are Akitas trainable? Yes they are and my dog Chace can sit lay down shake and speak.
If i were to start a dog training corse would you help? Well we would have to have the right lilicensces.
Do you believe that Akitas are nice and mean in some cases? They can be loving but mean when mad like my dog is loving but is mean when jealous
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