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CD01: Denture Assessments I (Data collection and examination)

Complete denture clinic - visit no.1 A

Dr Layla A. Abu-Naba'a

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of CD01: Denture Assessments I (Data collection and examination)

Collect Data
Treatment plan
Jordan University of Science and Technology 2013
If Pathology
is suspected !
OLD dentures
Mouth structures
lingual pouch area
Buccal pouch
pouch and slope of the lower jaw at the distal sides of the base of the tongue
a gift from Allah
the eye of the dentist
before and during Clinic #1
1. History
chief complaint
1. Main reason

2. Related Sources

3. Cautions
Intra-oral examination
1. Personal data
2. History
3. Chief complaint
4. Examination

Muscle attachments
Trauma related lesions
Secondary Mucosal Changes
Mucosal lesions
Pre-malignant and malignant lesions
"danger zone"
Candidal infections
Soft tissue classifications
This is the age group where many serious oral pathologies are prevalent
Skeletal Relationship
Class I - Normal, anterior guidance
Class II - Protruded, overbite
Class III - Retruded, underbite (Bulldog)
palatal vault
House Classification of Soft Palate Form
Class I - shallow, even taper (5mm area of support)
Class II - medium taper (1-5mm)
Class III - sharp taper (1mm)
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