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thames thames

on 28 February 2015

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my ski holiday
i had a very exciting race on Wednesday and Thursday and I'm going tell you all about it
the end
these where my two very exciting races :)
Thank you!
the hungarian championship slalom race (day 1)
I woke up to a sunny morning and had sandwiches for breakfast
slalom race feeling(round 1)
when it was my turn I pushed myself out of the start and started going,in the beginning I was a little bit slow but I didn't go that bad.Left,right,left,right, I was taking the gates well but I was a little anxious.I was going faster and faster towards the end, and...
SWOOSH!I bolted through the finish line and my time was 47,92
we went up to the hill at eight o'clock and had some practice on the small slope.
my team and i ran through the race course so we knew it better and put on our numbers before we started the race.
slalom race feeling (round 2)
This time the course was icy and hard,I sped out of the start strugling on the ice a little bit but luckily the ice was only in the beginning and from the ice on I went well,taking all the gates with quick turns I swooped across the finish line.This time I went 45,00,i was more proud of myself this time.
hungarian championship giant slalom race (day 2)
this morning we did the usual thing, got up, got dressed, had breakfast and went to the hill.When we got to the hill we trained so we would be ready for the race.We examined the course and it started.When it came to my go, I pushed myself through the start as hard as I could,taking the gates left, right, left, right, there where two double gates,I took them well.But suddenly I feel that some thing touches my shoulder and I slow down,"aah!"I turned too hard and I was half on the ground but I quickly get up and go on.SWOOSH! I darted through the finish line and got 53,49 as time.
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