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Tyler Perkins

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Tyler Perkins

Stocks of Tyler Perkins
Period 5 I chose microsoft because i new it was a well doing bisnuess and that i could make some money off of it and not lose very much money. I chose wendys in thought that the stocks would be high in price so that i could make a good amount of money off of it and i like to eat there so i chose is because of that. I like about this project is that it was diffrent than most project that we do at school usually we use powerpoint but prezi was a lot diffrent it was a diffrent program that i've never used befor and i liked it because of that reason i got to learn how to do somthing i didnt no how to do that was enjoyable for me Microsoft ceo is bill gates supposably the richest man in the world.The compamy simble is ms/ft and the compamy makes computer and computer parts and accsessories for windows computers Dave Thomas started Wendys on November,15 1969 he used to make chicken wendys used to have only two sandwhich of chicken and a spicy chicken sandwich but now it has a varitey of foods my favorite food there is the frosty just like most people Wendy,s i made $584.4 Microsoft i made $428.3 My advice about investing in the stock is that dont spend enough money that it puts you in debt but spend ebnough hopefully to make some. What i would change about the project is to have less things to do or more time to do the things i need to do a week and three days Summuray of Wendy

Wendys has been around since 1969 and has been known for the old fasioned hamburgers and the chicken mad there Dave Thomas is the creator and owner of the food chain and used to maake chicken that is why the chicken there is so good Bill Gates is creator of Microsoft computers and has and will most likely be the richest man in the world until he dies but Microsoft has beenaround since the 50's and is now the most common computer company around.
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