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The Founding Fathers Were Not Democratic Reformers

by Jonathan Evancula and Ryan Zambrano

Ryan Zambrano

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The Founding Fathers Were Not Democratic Reformers

The Founding Fathers Were Not Democratic Reformers by Jonathan Evancula and Ryan Zambrano Who were the founding fathers? What did they do? How did they manage to do it? they were rebels their mission was to escape British taxation but so that they, the wealthy landowners, such as the Molasses Act, Sugar Act, and Stamp Act the "fathers" were only trying to their wealth and their they the arrangement of government institutions in certain ways for instance, the electoral college: California gets 5 times the average number of votes and other, so called "swing states" have too much influence another example no candidate has overwhelming support congress We'll start with a quote "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch." senators were originally appointed to their seats because of the founding fathers' distrust some big name founding fathers: John Adams Samuel Adams Benjamen Franklin John Hancock Thomas Jefferson slaveholding power manipulated so winning these states is the best way to win electoral votes giving more importance to some states, some people over others they didn't think the typical person could choose what was in the best intrest for the moneyholders the founding fathers against those who were not wealthy discriminated Alright remember the quote? not to create a democracy hoard the one with the wolves and lamb voting on lunch? yes? good. would someone who promotes democracy say that? no! didn't have to pay a few more bucks. one of the big name founding fathers said that quote. therefore
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