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Bayley Malone, matthew albarran

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lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Bayley Malone, matthew albarran

Medal Of Honor Facts
Stanley Adams
Dakota Meyer
After hearing a taliban ambush occuring a mile away over a radio. He went against orders and headed into a fire storm, ultimately saving 36 lives.
Sammy Davis
Charles Abrell
-Voluntarily sacrificed himself to take out a hostile bunker that had his platoon pinned down. He took out the bunker by hurling himself into the bunker while holding a live grenade. He took out the enemy gunman.
Charles Abrell- Sacrificed himself for his platoon.
Stanley Adams- He lead his troops despite all odds.
Dakota Meyer- Risked his life and disobeyed orders to save his troops.
Sammy Davis- Saved multiple injured soldiers despite his own injuries.
Bayley Malone and Mathew
-President Abraham Lincoln was the first one to give out a medal of honor.
-At first the idea was dismissed as too "European"
-3,458 men and one woman have recieved the medal.
-It is the rarest medal to ever recieve
He lead his troops and continued to fight despite being under heavy fire and outnumbered. He also provided cover fire while his platoon was being evacuated.
Stanley Adams- He continued fighting despite his injuries
Charles Abrell- He had a valiant spirit of self-sacrifice in the face of death
Dakota Meyer- He continued on in the face of death
Sammy Davis- Swam while hurt to save his mens' lives
Charles Abrell- He never stopped advancing to the bunker.
Stanley Adams- He showed strength despite all hardships.
Sammy Davis- Helped 3 men and risked his life for theirs
Dakota Myers- He disobeyed orders to save his mens lives.

Charles Abrell- He joined the military and gave his life for his country
Stanley Adams- He served his country in its' battles.
Dakota Myers- Joined and served in the military
-He fired mortars all day when under attack by over 1500 enemies and got hurt but risked his life to save the others and help him.
All of these men showed great courage, honor, patriotism and valor. They served and fought for our freedom. They are truly great examples of honorable Americans.
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