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Technology Graphics

My Folio

Josie Anugerah

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology Graphics

Graphics Portfolio Design Brief Design Situation Design project and folio A well designed
graphic image will.. Function - does it do it's job well? Did the aesthetics get it the way of function?
Aesthetics - is it appealing to the audience designed for?
Scale - is it to big or too little for the product?
Ergonomics - Is it suitable for the environment? Have you used your computer wisely?
Ethical - Ethical use of images? Racism?
Resource Availability - Have you used your skills, knowledge, programs etc. well? Labels and Names for Popular Clothing Swingtag Requirements Josephine Anugerah Design Limitations Criteria For Success Thinking List of possible names Mill & Till
Mish Mash
Lil' Princess
I chose Princess My Logos My Swingtags Attatching my swingtag Other than the annoying
plastic string:
Thin chain
Strip of leather
Safety pins on string
Thin string You are a fashion designer and you have just created your own range of clothing. What kind of a logo would you to have and what does it represent? People will pay more for a recognised and renowned brand.
This term for Graphics, we need to create these things:
Design our own logo for our range of clothing. This logo needed to be creatively presented on paper, and one presented on fabric.
We also have to create and design a swing tag label to hang on a piece of clothing.
Then we need to design and write a folio documenting our progress and thinking. This needs to be done on Prezi. The time that we are allocated to do this project will effect the amount of work I am allowed to do.
The programs that I have to create my logo and portfolio limit what I can do.
The resources that I have to print my logo on the fabric and what kind of fabric that I am going to use.
Because I am only working on this by myself, I won't get as much ideas and work done compared to if I were working with others.
I can't work on my logo at home, which limits the time that I have. Investigating - Price
Brand Name
Type of clothing and/or colour (eg. black leggings)
Washing and caring instructions
What it is made from
Where it is made
The swing tag is also expected to be appropriate and to be not offensive to any cultures or ethnic beliefs.
Information must be clear and not subjective Evaluation I underestimated the time that we had to make our logos and swing tag. If I could do this again, I would definitely follow the time management plan much more carefully.
If I had more time, I would definitely make my design more interesting and original, by lots and lots and lots of experimentation, and asking for opinions of others. I love prezi! I definitely use it for future projects and assignment. Even though I didn't take multimedia, I can still take away skills that I would definitely use in other subjects.
I love how my design is playful, but also sophisticated. It appeals to adults and young children.
It was tricky getting the hang of prezi, but after a while I realised that it wasn't that
hard after hours of experimenting. I would have liked to explore illustrator
and photoshop more if I had more time, and add all the little details of my design. Time Management Plan
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