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Using Social Media for Surgical Education: Distraction or Opportunity?

No description

Tanya Santella

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Using Social Media for Surgical Education: Distraction or Opportunity?

Purpose of the study Evaluate the use of social media by surgeons and its potential value as a tool for surgical education METHODS Survey sent electronically to surgeons and surgical trainees through various surgical societies USING SOCIAL MEDIA
2) General Use of Social Media
3) Professional Use
4) Educational Use
5) Benefits and Limitations of Social Media Literature review Web-based survey
divided into five sections: RESULTS Demographics Social media does not have a single, unanimous definition because of its ever changing nature, with new sites and technologies constantly emerging. However, the main idea behind social media is that it allows users to access and collaborate with the information available online and to interact and exchange with other users. What is social media? 71 surgeons responded
77% male
13% surgical trainees
32% over 60 years old and 10% under 30
51% general surgeons General Use of
Social Media 97% had already heard of the term social media
82% use social media What do surgeons use social media for? How often do surgeons engage in the following social media tools? Professional Use How do surgeons use social media for professional purposes? 30% use separate accounts for their personal and professional profiles Educational Use How do surgeons use social media for educational purposes? The majority of respondents felt that media sharing websites and wikis were the best social media tools for teaching and learning Benefits and Limitations of
Social Media Benefits perceived by surgeons who use social media Limitations to the use of social media for educational and/or professional purposes CONCLUSION Data suggest interest for surgeons in the use of social media for professional and educational purposes
Patient confidentiality issues, quality of the content and time constraints may hinder its more widespread use
Research is needed to evaluate different strategies that could be used to effectively implement social media into surgical education and to evaluate its impact Authors: Tanya Santella, Pepa Kaneva, Andrea Petrucci, Ekaterina Lebedeva, Liane S. Feldman, Gerald M. Fried, Melina C. Vassiliou
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