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Beginnings: The Greeks and Romans (450 BC – AD 400)

The culture, arts & entertainment, religion, and famous authors of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Arturo Gomez

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Beginnings: The Greeks and Romans (450 BC – AD 400)

Liam Gibb, Arturo J. Gomez, Yandy Macias, and Dillon McDermott Beginnings: The Greeks and Romans (450 BC – AD 400) The Culture of the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman World Parthenon Served all Greek citizens as a treasury, mosque, and Christian church. Arts and Entertainment! Art Theatre Music Literature The literature at the time consisted of philosophy, dramas (in the form of plays), poetry, and prose. The most famous philosophers of ancient Greece were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
The most renown from the Romans was Cicero. Such as Medea and Phaedra. Homer's Odyssey being one of the most prominent poems of the Greek era Such as Aesop but he doesn't fit into the time frame so shh... The art mainly consisted of pottery, architecture, sculptures, coin designs, and paintings. Athens was the first know democratic state but only 35000 of it's 200,000 residents were qualified to vote.

The Ancient Greeks were known for their religious beliefs many gods who had many human characteristics but possessed superhuman strength and beauty

Roman gods were identified as Ancient Greek counterparts.

The Roman Empire had it's culture throughout the world that they still affect modern society. The coliseums, roads, bridges, sewers, and water supply were brought upon by the Romans Religion The Roman religion was more practical and less poetical than the Greek religion. Aside from their gods having different names, the Greek and Roman religions weren't too different. Roman and Greek mythologies are remarkably similar Major Gods and Goddesses


Zeus/Jupiter oh yeahhhhhh. Famous Authors The End. Look how hairy that arm is. Any questions?
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