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Cancer: Rural vs. Urban

No description

Natalie Edelman

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Cancer: Rural vs. Urban

What is Cancer?
Disease in which abnormal cells propagate in pure chaos
Spread throughout the body
variety of tissues
different sites
Cancer that affects the lymph system
Lymphoma Rates
2009 Lymphoma Incidence Rates

County_________ Population at Risk_____ Cases

Mariposa* 74,057 33
San Francisco 801,922 180

Set Backs
Cancer Rates in Mariposa had Tuolumne County as well
Mariposa doesn't have certain information published
Statistics for Children are not readily accessible
San Francisco County
Population (2010) ....... 805,235
Persons under 18 years of age (2013)..... 13.4%
High School Graduate (2009-2013)........ 86.3%
Foreign Born Persons (2009-2013)........ 35.6%
Bachelor's Degree or higher (2009-2013).... 52.4%
Median Household Income (2009-2013)...$75,604
Persons below Poverty Line (2009-2013).... 13.5%
Persons per square mile (2010)...... 17,179.1
Square Miles ..... 231.9 square miles
Cancer: Rural vs. Urban
By: Natalie Edelman
Mariposa County
Population (2010) ........... 18,251
Persons under 18 years of age (2013)...... 16.9%
High School Graduate (2009-2013) .......... 87.7%
Foreign Born Persons (2009-2013)............ 4.7%
Bachelor's Degree or higher (2009-2013)..... 21.3%
Median Household Income (2009-2013)... $49,820
Persons below Poverty Line (2009-2013)...... 16.1%
Persons per square mile (2010)............. 12.6
Square Miles ........... 1,463 square miles
SF County cont.
15 hospitals in the County
Patient to Physician Ratio 401:1
RN shortage
12,260 Doctors
5 Children's Hospitals in 20 miles
Mariposa County cont.
1 hospital
Patient to Physician Ratio 3,638:1
Primary Care Specialist Shortage
Identified as a Medically Under served Area
23 Doctors
Closest Children's Hospital is 60 miles away in Merced, CA
"1 in 400 individuals in the United States will develop cancer before the age of 15"

Works Cited
1. Hodgkin Disease: MedlinePlus. (2014, December 8). Retrieved January 20, 2015, from http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/hodgkindisease.html
2.Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma - General Information: Cancer - Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. (n.d.). Retrieved February 7, 2015, from http://sylvester.org/cancer/leukemia-lymphoma-and-myeloma/education/definition
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4. Robinson, L., Buckley, J., & Bunin, G. Assessment of Environmental and Genetic Factors in the Etiology of Childhood Cancers: The Childrens Cancer Group Epidemiology Program.Environmental Health Perspectives, 103, 111-116.
Mariposa County Map
San Francisco County Map
Benign vs. Malignant
Grow in a confined area
Cells are still well-differentiated
Invade surrounding tissues
Spread throughout the body using the blood stream
(Robinson, Buckley, and Bunin, p. 111)
Types of Cancer
Lymphomas and Leukemias
Certain Medications
Agricultural Chemicals
Second Hand Smoke
Thank You. Any Questions?
Urban vs. Rural
Relating to a city
densely populated
2 main types:
Hodgkin Disease
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Hodgkins Disease
affects the lymph nodes
rare form of lymphoma
caught early can be treated
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
begins when a type of white blood cell (B cell or T cell), becomes abnormal
cells multiply and spread throughout the body
(NIH, 2014)
(NIH, 2014)
relating to living on the country side
population spread out
Lymphoma Rates
2010 Lymphoma Incidence Rates

County_________ Population at Risk_________ Cases

Mariposa* 73,488 29
San Francisco 805,340 215

Rural vs. Urban
Level playing field
Rates aren't statistically significant
Possible Exposure Pathways
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