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IBM messaging and integration social media map

Social media map

john mcnamara

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of IBM messaging and integration social media map

Easy keep it simple :¬) IBM messaging and integration Follow the users natural methods for
discovering information Google+ and YouTube allows us greater impact on Google
search YouTube + YouTube Why YouTube?

We host our video collateral here
Our collateral is again indexed by Google
And we also reference it on our Google+ page

We make life So the user can find the information they need. Bullet Lists The 'Zen' approach Traditional, but hard to visualize the relationships between each team member Simple and stylish, but it doesn't
give us the detail we need to truly understand Concluding with an overview (or final reveal) can be a great way to bring the context of your story together. 3. YouTube Our small team of software developers
have a team lead
have an approver (CEO)
work towards a goal
this work is measured with a metric (KPI)
the KPI has a Target team team lead approver Goal metric / target Small Teams reach the Goal @j0nnymac jon_mcnam@uk.ibm.com Social media map 1. An IBM messaging & integration community
Providing the user with cross portfolio information, to support their solutions. Also provide the user with cross portfolio product awareness. https://plus.google.com/communities/104003883895504567932 2. IBM messaging page 2. IBM integration page https://www.youtube.com/user/ibmmessagingmedia 3. YouTube Twitter @IBMmessaging Twitter @IBMintegration A hub providing users a central interaction
point for IBM messaging collateral, events and
items of interest to help them implement
their solutions effectively https://plus.google.com/109021673977462245545/posts Increases
ranking! we provide our users with engaging leads into our
information that are consumed easily on mobile devices Tweets appear on Google too! https://twitter.com/ibmmessaging A hub for users so they can learn
and chat about integration collateral,
events and solutions https://plus.google.com/106375465587386953111/posts IBM integration YouTube channel
where we host collateral and link from Google+ Following the natural way users discover information. We benefit from Tweets being found on Google as well as being able to interact with our users directly via Twitter. https://twitter.com/ibmintegration Google+
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