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Organ Donation

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organ donor

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Organ Donation

Overview and History Summer of 2012 the NHS published the NHS Blood and Transplant survey

Possible future shakeups to donation in the UK include:

Organ donors given priority to healthy over those who are not

Opting-out Against Organ Donation ‘Once all attempts to save life have failed and after death has been certified by doctors who are entirely independent of the transplant team’

How is death defined. Two types of donation – brain stem death, circulatory death. Take action and sign up Chanice Henry, Charlee Coombes,
Chloe Willcox and Sam Fry Organ Donation HOW TO SIGN UP; Who is wanted as an
Organ donor? - April 2011- March 2012- 3960 lives were saved by 2143 donors.

- But……7651 people still awaiting transplants.

- International issue- Germany 12000 waiting organs.

- 90% of people say they support organ donation but only 25% have joined the register and Giving someone a new lease of life.

You control what organs you share

Saving someone's life Accepting death

Organ scandals- Errors that led to wishes not being fulfilled correctly All major religions of the UK support the principles of organ donation and transplantation
Within each religion, there are different schools of thought, which means views may differ
They all accept that it is an individual choice RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVES The death process is an important time and must be treated with care and respect.

The needs and wishes of a dying person must not be compromised by the wish to save a life.

Organ Donation would be seen as an act of generosity if it is truly the wish of that person. Buddhism Jesus taught people to love one another, and to embrace the needs of others.

Organ donation can be considered by Christians to be a genuine act of love. Christianity There are many references that support the concept of organ donation in Hindu scriptures.

Daan is the original word in sanskrit for donation, meaning selfless giving.

Mortal body, Immortal soul. Hindu Dharma Holy Qur'an, chapter 5 vs. 32
- The saving of life is not absolute.

-Organ donation compromises the special honor accorded to man and this cannot be allowed whatever the cost. The two sides of Islam... In principle Judaism encourages organ donation in order to save lives ("pikuach nefesh").

Can override the Jewish objections to any unnecessary interference with the body after death.

Personal choice, case by case Judaism Emphasis on the importance of giving and selflessness.

There are no taboos attached to organ donation.

Donating one's organ to another so that the person may live is one of the greatest gifts and ultimate ‘seva’ to human kind Sikhism Introduction
Section 1 - Overview and history

Section 2 - The religious perspectives towards organ donation

Section 3 - Informing your decision, the facts, stats as well as the benefits and downfalls organ donation

Section 4 - Giving you the tools to take action. Organ Donation - An Overview - What is organ donation?

- What reasons are there for organ donation?

- What is the NHS Organ Donor Register?

- What organs and tissues can be transplanted?

- Is there a choice to donate specific organs and not others? The Future of Organ Donation NHSBT Organ Donation website lists all of the available ways for you to donate.

The easiest way is to use the online form. What are the different ways you can sign up? Most obvious;
- online form, calling the NHS donor line, by post or by text. Less obvious;
-when registering for a driving license, applying for a Boots advantage card, registering at your GP or when registering for a European Health Insurance card. Where can you get more information on Organ Donation? Leaflets can be found in GP surgeries, some libraries and most hospitals or pharmacies Once you have registered.... It is important that you tell the person closest to you about your decision to be part of the Organ Donation register. They must confirm that you have not changed your mind when the time comes. 'THANK YOU FOR LIFE' 'THANK YOU FOR LIFE'
- A new book of letter written by transplant patients to their donors and donor relatives THANK YOU FOR ANECDOTE Let us show you just how easy it really is.... Join the register as quickly as this;

https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/ukt/how_to_become_a_donor/registration/registration_form.asp LISTENING Are there any questions? Advantages Disadvantages Who can sign up Facts and stats Advantages and disadvantages Facts statistics Advantages and Disadvantages
of being an organ donor 400s

Early Chinese texts describe the switching of hearts between two soldiers, both of whom were said to have survived the procedure. 1800s

Surgeons successfully complete the first human-to-human blood transfusion, bone transplant, skin graft and begin attempting bone marrow transplants in the nineteenth century. 1950s

The first succesful kidney transplant is completed. 1960s

Doctors figure out how to perform transplant between non-identical relatives, however, procedures were very dangerous due to a high amount of toxic drugs needing to be used. 1980s

Anti-Rejection drugs had improved vastly and as a consequence, survival rates had drastically risen. 2000s-Present

In 2003, every day, 18 people on the organ transplant list die and every 14 minutes a new name is added to the list.

Organ transplantation has improved to the point where fatalities are incredibly rare. A short history of organ donation Topics Solving the problem Solving the problem Solving the problem Solving the problem An over view of organ donation Ethical perspectives The solution: taking action The solution: informing your decision - Muslims accept it is a personal choice and as long as all attempts to save life had been made, organ donation is permitted. 400s

Early Chinese texts describe the switching of two soldiers hearts. SALLY SLATER Received heart transplant when 6 years old Diagnosed with Coxsackie B which affected Sally's heart muscles Her family made a public appeal for a heart donor - they almost gave up hope when a donated organ became available. she endured a 7 hour operation where 8 pints of blood were used - 10 blood donors
Informing your decision
-Matches are determined by blood type

-Any age, medical history or ethnicity.
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