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Walking in the Fire of His Love

No description

Stuart Greaves

on 25 March 2017

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Transcript of Walking in the Fire of His Love

Invitation to walk in the realm of fire
The Realm of Fire Experienced Through the Word
The Banqueting Table
3 Fold-Love: Jn13-17
Walking in the Fire of His Love
(John 13-17)

The calling of the church as the fellowship of the burning heart.
SS 8:6-7
Our destiny to be in the embrace of the glory of the Godhead
Jn 17:5
The Realm of Fire is the place of safety
Mat 24:12

The End-Time witness will dwell in the realm of fire
Isa 33:14
Moses was the first to encounter the realm of fire -
Ex 3:2, 14
The scripture connects the presence of God's presence with the realm of fire -
Ez 1:4; Dan 7:9-10
God's fire as His jealous love -
Deut 4:24
The scripture is the primary onramp into the realm of fire -
Lk 24:32
The banqueting table is the place where God's love and leadership is revealed -
SS 2:4
Jesus main goal is to lead us in to the embrace of His Father -
Heb 2:10
The glory of Trinitarian love will give us courage to overcome our compromise and follow the King who effortlessly overcome our obstacles -
SS 2:9-10
1st commandment - love for God
2nd commandment - love for God's people
Great commandment - love for God's purpose
Old Requirements With New Standards
Jn 13 - Experiencing humble love
Jn 14 - Growing in obedient love
Jn 15 - Power to love another
Jn 16 - Empower to love the world
Jn 17 - Jesus prays for the fullness of love
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