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Desiree's Baby

No description

Madelin Chavez

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Desiree's Baby

Who is Kate Chopin?
b. February 8, 1850- d. August 22, 1904
Died at 54
Born in St. Louis, Missouri
Lived as a housewife until the death of her husband
Of Irish & French descent
Spent years with Creole and Cajun influences in Louisiana
Who is Kate Chopin?
Who is Kate Chopin?
Madame Valmonde
Desiree's Baby
by Kate Chopin

Presentation by:
Elham Adem,
Laiba Motiwala,
Madelin Chavez,
& Maryam Rahman

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Wrote 2 published novels & about 100 short stories in the 1890s
Most of her work was set in Louisiana
Considered one of the first feminist authors of the 20th century
Freytag's Pyramid
Inciting Incident
Writing career began after her husband died & she was struggling financially
She incorporated slavery, racism, & women's rights into her work
What is the Major Conflict?
Desiree Valmonde Aubigny
Main character of the story. Hence, "Desiree's Baby"
Grows up happy and loved by the Valmondes
Falls in love with Armand Aubigny and has a child with him
Chooses to end her life, as well as her baby's when Armand rejects her and her child
The major conflict that the story revolves around is the color of the baby's skin.

Armand Aubigny
Wealthy son of plantation owner
Neighbor to the Valmonde
Sees slaves, his home, and Desiree as his possessions
His mother had mixed ancestry and was of colored skin
Madame Valmonde
Why is it the Major Conflict?
The fact that the baby is black leads to the smaller conflicts in the story.
Adopts Desiree as an orphan
Considered Desiree as a gift from God
Stands by Desiree throughout the story, never leaves her side
Desiree's foster mother comes to see the baby and is shocked to see that the baby is not white
Rising Action
When the baby is 3 months old, Armand's temper comes back, and Desiree begins to sense a tense feeling in the air
Desiree realizes that her baby and the slave boy are similar in color.
Falling Action
Madame Valmonde asks Desiree to come home and Armand agrees that she should leave
Armand finds a letter written by his mother, addressed to his father, stating that she was of colored skin
Armand lives life knowing that he shunned his wife for something she was not guilty of
Takes place during the slavery era in the South
Desiree is adopted by Madame Valmonde
Desiree grows up and marries Armand
Thematic Questions
The Bonfire
Represents the end of both Desiree and the baby in Armand's life.
The "Yellow" Nurse
Represents mixed races in the plantation. Foreshadows that the baby is of a different race.
The Bayou
Represents the end of Desiree's & her baby's troubles of rejection.
Warm Up
Hello, temporary students :)
Open your spirals to a new blank page, and begin your warm up.

- Imagine you're in the slavery era. Your skin is white and you're a very wealthy slave owner, but you suddenly find out you're half black.
How would you react?
Now your homework...

Answer these 3 "Would You Rather" questions over the weekend.

Don't be shy to share your opinion!
2 sentence minimum!

Is it bad to end innocent lives in order to avoid society's rejection?
Can an escape be found by death?
Does genuine love allow you to see through obstacles, even color?
Figurative Language

"The little one awoke in his arms and began to cry for "Dada.""

""Armand," she called to him, in a voice which must have stabbed him."

"And the very spirit of Satan seemed
suddenly to take hold of him"
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