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Umbuku Lizard

No description

Taylor Amburgy

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Umbuku Lizard

Umbuku Lizard
Basic Characteristics
Only six exist, and are kept seperate from the other umbuku lizards.
Genetic engineers in Zimbabwe unlocked a dormant "flying" strand in the DNA of the lizard.
Once unlocked, it gave it the ability to fly.
It is believed that the lizard is a descendant of the Pterodactyl.
The Pterodactyl seemingly lost its ability to fly millions of years ago.
The natural umbuku lizards are very small and rare in Africa.
Some are against it because they consider it animal cruelty, and if one of the lizards escape they could cross-breed.
Some people are for it because it's a step into the future and it could further science and technology.
Personal Opinion
I think it's pointless to genetically modify an animal just so you can say that you did it.
Interesting Fact
The lizard was made for no practical reason besides to prove that they could do it.
Taylor Amburgy and Nyanjok Mawein
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