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Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler was one of the most horrible Nazis of his time. What did he do? Read the paper to find out.

isabelle kelsey

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Heinrich Himmler

please contact your local authorities with any information
A reminder of what happened
"Never Forget''
REWARD: 20,000 US dollars
The Holocaust
His thoughts on the Jewish faith
Lets go back to when it all began in 1933, when Adolf Hitler was leader of Nazi Germany. Not many lived to tell the tale of what happened with 2/3rds of the jewish faith exterminated. But those who did survive, tell us about the horrors. At first those of the Jewish relegion could not get accepted to any schools, and had a hard time finding jobs, then the concentration camps. Jews were taken from there homes, forced to give up any personal belongings they had on them, and taken to these camps. With barbed wire fences and round the clock guards, this was more like prison. The unlucky members of these camps were forced to work, or worse.
There were many different concentration camps throughout nazi germany, many areas to work in, and sadly, to many ways to die. Some people were used to test drugs on, others were simply shot or sent to a gas chamber. Heinrich Himmler was the one who was responsible for the gas chambers. He thought Nazi Germany needed a faster way to exterminate jews then just by shooting them. Many innocent people died because of Heinrich and Hitler horrifying ideas. Who are they to decide who is superior and who isnt? And with Hitler dead, someone must be put to justice.
In one of Himmlers speeches he said what Joachim Fest describes as "one of the most horrifying testaments in the german language". He said " I am talking about the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people. It is one of those things that is easily said. The Jewish people is being exterminated, every Party member will tell you, its perfectly clear, it's part of our plans, we're eliminating the Jews, exterminating them, a small matter." Its amazing how he can speak about killing so many people and not think that its a problem.
.99 cent
May 8th, 1945
Vol VIII, No. 311
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler is on the run and was last seen in a disguise. Although Adolf Hitler is mostly responsible for this event, this man is to be blamed for the mass murder of Jews, or what we call the Holocaust. He established and oversaw concentration camps where many people of the Jewish religion were held, and later on killed. Authorities believe this man was working alongside Adolf Hitler, helping scheme up ways to kill over 6 million Jews. This was during an event we know as "the final solution". Heinrich is one of Hitler's most loyal men, with reports saying he called him "der treue Heinrich", or loyal Heinrich. Heinrich is also a fanatic racist, and one of the most cold-blooded Nazis we have ever seen.
Heinrich Himmler was born on october 7th 1900. He has worked his way up the government system having many different rankings. We advise you to take caution if you see him. He has an extensive record of police work and may be armed. He has been working for the Nazi party since 1929 but was expelled from the Nazi party in 1943, hurting many people during his time of authority. He tried to secretely negotiate germanys surrender to save himself even though he was the head of the entire Nazi police force and one of Hitlers most loyal men. This man will not come in willingly. He has a wife and child but being caught is not an option. Please help bring this man to justice, and pray for the families of all the lives lost.
~The Daily News

October 7, 1900
Heinrich Himmler is born in Munich, Germany.

Summer 1919
Himmler graduates from high school in Landshut.

August 1922
Himmler receives his degree in agriculture from the Technical University in Munich.

August 1923
Himmler joins the Nazi party.

November 9, 1923
Himmler marches in the Beer Hall Putsch against the German government.

Himmler marries Margarete Boden.

January 6, 1929
Adolf Hitler appoints Himmler Reichsführer SS.

Summer 1931
Himmler creates the Security Service (Sicherheitsdienst; SD) of the Nazi Party

December 1931
Himmler establishes the SS Race and Settlement Office, which determines eligibility for entry into the SS and establishes the SS as a so-called racial elite.

January 1933
The Nazis obtain control of the German state with the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor.

March 9, 1933
Himmler is appointed provisional president of police in Munich.

Himmler obtains command of all state political police departments
in Germany and centralizes them within the Secret State Police (the Gestapo).

June 17, 1936
Adolf Hitler appoints Himmler Reichsführer SS and Chief of German Police. Himmler is now commander of all German police.

September 1, 1939
Germany invades Poland, starting World War II.

September 27, 1939
Himmler joins the Security Police and the SD and creates the Reich Security Main Office, the agency which will be entrusted with coordinating the annihilation of the European Jews.

October 7, 1939
Adolf Hitler appoints Himmler Reich Commissar for the Strengthening of German Ethnic Stock. This appointment gives Himmler leading authority to plan and implement population policy in German-occupied Poland.

January-December 1941
Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich and other top personnel reach the decision to physically annihilate the Jews of Europe

June 22, 1941
Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union. SS and police authorities supported by the military and by local auxiliaries begin to systematically shoot Soviet Jews.

July 16, 1941
Hitler entrusts Himmler with exclusive responsibility for security and race and settlement operations in the occupied Soviet Union, underpinning his authority to plan and implement population policies, including the physical annihilation of the European Jews.

July 31, 1941
Reich Marshall Hermann Göring authorizes Himmler's deputy, Heydrich, as chief of RSHA, to coordinate a “Final solution of the Jewish Question.”

December 1941-Summer 1942
As the elimination of Jewish communities in the Soviet Union continues, Himmler's subordinates -- with his authorization -- construct and put into operation five killing centers in German-occupied Poland to annihilate the European Jews

July 1943
Hitler appoints Himmler Minister of the Interior.

December 1944
Hitler appoints Himmler commander-in-chief of Army Group Upper Rhine.

April 28-29, 1945
Himmler attempts to transmit an offer of surrender to the commander-in-chief of the Allied forces. When Hitler hears of the attempt, he strips Himmler of all his offices and orders his arrest.

April 30, 1945
Hitler commits suicide.

May 7, 1945
Nazi Germany signs surrender document.
Heinrich Himmler

and important events
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