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Technology in 1960-1970

No description

majid mannan

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Technology in 1960-1970

1960-1970 SPACE WARS Created by Larry Rosenthal & team
Larry was a MIT graduate 1962 First arcade game in history
Purpose: to provide entertainment -Triangular space ships fly
around zapping each other A fun and interesting game ATM 1961 Luther George Simjian
Invented the telepromter
Independent inventer Automated teller machine
Allows for cash transactions
Can check bank account details Computer Mouse 1963 Handheld Calculator 1967 Texas Instruments
Were No.1 in production of digital signal processors
Inventors of many military equipment (ex. laser guided missiles) Basic operations of math
Makes math life easier
Quick, cheap and efficient Barcode Scanner 1970 Monarch Marking + British company Plessey Telecommunications
Built communication for the World Wars
Make electronics and defence tools Read printed barcodes
analyzes the barcode's image data and sends the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.
Helps organize information about bought items.
A easier and quicker way MAJID ABDUL-MANNAN Z



M JID Z IN BDUL-MANNAN A A A A KH N A TH NK YOU FOR WATCHING A ING Audio Cassetter Luther George Simjian
Works independently
Also invented the teleprompter Audio Cassette Luther George Simjian
Worked independently
Also invented teleprompter 1962 Philips
They also helped SONY build the blu-ray Made for audio storage
Also referred as the compact cassette
Can be used for both entertainment and work purposes TECHNOLOGY IN 1960-1970
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