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What is Fair Trade?

This is a presentation for a key note speech at the Fairly Educated Conference in Melbourne on 28 July, 2012

Sasha Courville

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of What is Fair Trade?

What is Fair Trade?
to change the rules of trade:
to educate and demonstrate:
Standards & systems A standards system includes all the actors and activities needed to bring about compliant practices:
Capacity building
Supply chain and Retailers
Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2012

“trade between companies in
developed countries and
producers in developing countries
in which fair prices are paid to the producers”

(also fairtrade) Cambridge British English Dictionary, 2012

“a way of buying and selling products
that makes certain that the
original producer receives a fair price”
The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 1964

“principle that reciprocity should be
the condition of free trade” What is a standard system? 1996 1988 1940s organic movement
begins ISO 14001 1993 1991 1970s IFOAM is
created Blue Angel
In Germany carbon climate tourism mining aquaculture water 2011 Sustainability of sugar – Bonsucro created 2007 Sustainability of palm oil - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil created 2004 Sustainability of soy - Roundtable on Responsible Soy created 2006 Labour Standards based on ILO 1997 2012 Evolution of Sustainability Standards Systems future for sustainability standards? future for fairtrade & fair trade? ISEAL Alliance 2012 adapted from ISEAL Alliance 2012 2002 radical transparency holistic approach to sustainability full life cycle finished...!
thanks for your time sashacourville@bigpond.com implementation not demonstration According to TEEB , the market for certified agricultural products (including organics) was $40 billion in 2008 and estimated to grow to $210 billion in 2020 and $900 billion by 2050.
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