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Learn About Chrismas

Ashley Newbore

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Christmas

What is Christmas?
Christmas was created to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is celebrated on December 25 every year.
A fiction character called Santa Clause comes down your chimney and delivers you presents on Christmas.

Most people get a tree and hang up lights and ornaments on it.

People put Christmas lights up on their house and light them up at night.
How Americans Celebrate Christmas

People hang stockings (large socks) on their fireplace and Santa brings little presents and puts them inside.
Christmas Treats
Christmas Trees
Here are some pictures of things people do at Christmas.
Picture Time
Quick summary of
Birth of Christ
Jesus was born in a stable. He was laid down in a manger. He got some from shepherds and wise men...
My Family Traditions
My family always makes bread on Christmas weekend.
We put the Christmas lights two weeks before Christmas.
We always eat dinner at my grandparents house on Christmas eve.
Every year on Christmas your family and friends give each other presents to show how much you care about them.
About Santa
Santa Clause, St. Nickolas , Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle was created to give presents to good children on Christmas eve and they were to be opened on Christmas morning.
Families get tree together as a family. It's one of the many american traditions that many families have.
Candy Canes
Candy Canes are a symbol of Christmas.
Thanks for watching!
By Ashley Newbore
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