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Mesopotamian People

No description

J Kugler

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Mesopotamian People

The Land Between 2 Rivers

• Government
• Inventions :
-Writing: Called Cuneiform
-Irrigation System
-Construction Techniques: Bricks

• Trade:
Traders used carts and boats to trade supplies.

The rivers helped make trading easier

Surpluses of food and animal products were often exchanged for raw materials like copper, silver, stone, and wood.
• Famous kings:
-1810-1750 B.C
-Wrote a set of 282 strict laws called Hammurabi's Code.
-Very complete set of laws.
-Goal was to protect his people

• What they were good at:

Made Advancements in:
• Accomplishments:

-Controlling large territories

-Battering Ram

• Religion :
-Ziggurats (Temples) were at the center of the cities
-Believed if they were doing well, the goods were happy.

• Famous king:
-Personally led troops into battle
-Very intelligent: Literate in Summerian and Akkadian

• Religion

-Monotheism: Belief in one God
-10 Commandments

-Torah: The Hebrew Bible
Synagogue: Place of Worship
• Movement
braham: Left Ur to be form a new religion in Canaan.

Hebrews moved to Egypt: The Egyptians forced the Hebrews into slavery.
1000 B.C. King David founded united Hebrew tribes and founded Israel.

-Located in Southern Mesopotamia
-Near the mouths of the Euphrates and the Tigers Rivers
Location in Mesopotamia:
-Divine Kingship: Kings were chosen by the gods to carry out their wishes.

-Class System
One of the great stories of the a Sumerians.

Mythical Story

2/3 God : 1/3 Man

2700 B.C.
Code of Hammurabi
- Set of laws to protect people and property.
-Punishment fits the crime "eye for an eye" type laws.
-Punishments were often unfair because they were based on social class.
• Laws:

Location in Mesopotamia:
• What were they known for?

-Large Conquest
-Large Empire

Great Library: The tablets found in the Assyrian libraries have provide great insight for archeologists.
• Location in Mesopotamia:

They started in the north, but soon they took over a large area!
Decorative sculpture from Babylonian temples.
Cuneiform: A written language allowed Sumerians to keep track of crop production and taxes.
Well known decorative walls from Babylonian temples. The blue walls were a Babylonian standard.
Bonus Material
Adventurous Traders
Not looking to take over new territories
Sailed all over the Mediterranean & into coastal Europe
Moved away from the bartering system
Used coins to purchase goods
Shared ideas as they traveled
Designed an alphabet

King Solomon: Peace between the people during his rule.

Built Solomon's Temple to house the Torah.
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