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Research proposal

No description

Evren Hisarlı

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Research proposal

ESL 550 Proposal for Research Essay on the Causes of Deforestation in Turkey. Supervisor: Roman Ivashkiv Presentation Outline University of Alberta ( 7 November, 2012) -Introduction
-Purpose of argument
-Research question
-Thesis statement
-Reference Researcher: Evren Hisarli Topic Result of tourism developments and urbanization, Turkey's forest fortune is going slowly through deforestation. Introduction Deforestation : The cutting or burning down of all the trees in an area Urbanization: The process by which more and more people leave the countryside to live in cities Example According to Turkey golf federation report(2011),
''in 2007, Belek-Antalya had 3 golf courts.
In 2010, Belek-Antalya had 15 golf courts and by 2013 this amount will be 19''. Example Purpose of argument To create awareness about deforestation in public. Background Turkey's forests, since the past has been disturbed due to the negative human impacts and also geographic and climatic factors Turkey does not have information about amount of forests until 1960(Ministry of Environment and Forest). Turkey's forest inventory started in 1963. After that time, Forestry started in Turkey(Ministry of Environment and Forest). Research question How can ‘’Tourism and Urbanization’’ cause to damage the forest? Thesis statement Deforestation’s level is increasing day by day because of two reasons. By the way of tourism developments and urbanization, Turkey’s forest fortune is under the threat. Reference Keleş, S., Sivrikaya, F., Cakir, G., & Köse, S. (2008). Urbanization and forest cover change in regional directorate of Trabzon forestry from 1975 to 2000 using landsat data. Environmental Monitoring And Assessment, 140(1-3), 1-14.
Kuvan, Y. Y. (2010). Mass Tourism Development and Deforestation in Turkey. Anatolia -Ankara- International Journal Of Tourism And Hospitality Research-, 21(1), 155-168. (Belek, 2010) Turkey's total area is 77.846.000 hektar.
Forest area is 21.189.00 hektar (%27,2). In Belek, 7,089 trees (41.4 % of a total 17,118 trees) were cut for a golf course(Kuvan 2010). Olympos-Beydağları Coastal National Park area was 69,800 hectares in 1972 but in 1988 it was reduced 34,425 hectares for tourism establishments( Kuvan 2005). Turkey golf federation website http://www.tgf.org.tr/ Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forest General Directorate of forestry
http://www.ogm.gov.tr/ = Conclusion Air Pollution Soil Erosion and Drought Lack of food Profits-Losses Golf Courts More building Magnificent Tourist Facilities Belek-Antalya Belek-Antalya Money Thanks for Listening
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