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Fiat 500

No description

Estelle Pochon

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Fiat 500

tHE FIAT 1957 In 2010 SWOT ANALYSIS IS BACK Objectives brand positionning communications tactics Plan evaluation •Target: active people, young at heart, from 18 60

•Competitive environment: small cars and iconic cars as mini, smart, VW Beetle for example

•Insight: I don’t want the same car than everyone, small cars are made for women, Smalls cars are unsafe, Fiat is not reliable.

•Benefits: I can customize my car and make it look like me.

•Reasons to believe: historical car, awards won as car of the year (2008)

•Value and personality: stylish, fun, efficient, personalized, reliable, ecological, technological, safe.

•Discriminator: I will not have the same car as everyone because there are thousands (500’000) ways to make it

•Essence: 500 wants you, i.e you are important for us. 500 is a car to live.

500 days before the launch FIAT invited people to submit ideas

Art Students and the general public were asked to submit ideas

designs for an official Mascot to truly represent the new Fiat500

UK launch party at the London Eye

• To attract new families they launched a competition in Italy aimed at pregnant mums.

• In 2009, for the launch of the the Fiat 500 Convertible (500C), the brand exposea giant Fiat 500C

• Automotive brand Fiat has partnered with ad-funded music service Spotif to promote its new Fiat 500C model Assesment:
Recall of the campaign
Numbers of orders for the fiat 500
Awards won to gain loyalty
new markets
US market : upgrade the car but keep the image

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