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OA Mail Training 2017

Training on US Mail Federal Regulations, properly receiving & distributing mail, misdirected mail procedures & hazmat.

jenny mcdaniel

on 19 June 2018

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Transcript of OA Mail Training 2017

Federal Mail Regulations must be taken seriously.

As an agent of the post office, we must follow the US Postal Service Regulations.

Mail theft is a Federal Crime.

Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted by the US Postal Inspection Service to the fullest extent of the law and lose their job with Carolina Housing.

As agents of the Post Office, you are required to deliver the
received from the Post Office to the mailboxes daily.

Always maintain confidentiality.

Information relating to theft of mail matter by an
officer or employee is found in 18 U.S.C. §1709.

For more information, you can check out the US Postal Code at: http://uscode.house.gov/download/title_18.shtml
Package & Accountable Mail Log
Determine whether the mail should be recycled or delivered to the mailbox. If the mail turns out to be misdirected, and therefore must be returned to the Post Office, then demonstrate the proper return mail procedures.
Activity: Misdirected Mail
Mail Receiving & Distribution Log
Mail Delivery
for Residence Halls
Mail is delivered by the US Post Office

OAs must distribute the mail into the student mailboxes by 5pm each day Monday-Saturday

OAs must sign the
Mail Receiving & Distribution Log

Report if Post Office has not delivered mail by 4pm

Report any unusual behavior in or around the mailrooms

General Mail Information
Hazardous Materials
If a resident brings a piece of mail to the office that does not belong to them or their roommate, follow these steps:

First, look to see if the student lives somewhere else
on campus
If so, write the residence hall and room # on the envelope and send to the correct Community Office via inter-campus mail.

If NOT, follow UTF Procedures:
Step 1: Write UTF to the LEFT of the recipient’s address.

Step 2: Rubber band together with Post Office return slip.

Step 3: Send back to the Post Office.
When a student gets mail in their box not addressed to them or their roommate, they are REQUIRED to take it to the Community Office

Mail is delivered by the address & room number, not by name
Students may receive mail that is addressed to previous residents

Designate an area (i.e. bin, cubby or tray) in the Community Office specifically for Misdirected Mail
OAs are responsible for processing Misdirected Mail
All Office Staff should be aware of this location
Mail Delivery
Manage Telecommunications for Housing
Point of contact for RA Duty phones
Telephone Service requests:
Voicemail issues
Phones out of order
Replacement equipment

Manage Residential Mail Services on campus
Morrison, Hinton James & Spencer Package Centers
Facilitates student mail training
Contact for all mail related issues within Housing
Student mail
Intercampus mail

Joanna Luke
Residential Communications Services Manager
Confidentiality Agreement
Mail and Phone Manual
If you come across a piece of mail that you suspect to be hazardous (powdery substance or oozing envelope):

Isolate the item by using the provided heavy duty paper towels

Wrap the item in a plastic bag

Call Joanna Luke: 962-3695

Call Environmental Health & Safety: 962-5507
Think something is hazardous?
Federal Mail Regulations
The Package Centers will begin accepting packages on Monday, August 14th.

The Package Centers will be

with special hours during move-in:

Monday - Saturday
August 14th - 19th
9am - 6pm

Sunday, August 20th 12pm-3pm
Package Centers
Mail service
to the residence halls
will begin on
Tuesday, August 22nd

Mail Delivery
Opening & Move-In
Mail Training

If a student comes to the desk to report not receiving mail:
Take it seriously.
Treat that resident like you would want to be treated.
Check the resident's mailbox and the surrounding mailboxes to make sure it wasn't placed in the wrong box.

If you are unable to locate the mail:
Notate the issue or concern in Community Desk Log.
Include Student’s name, contact phone & email.
Ask to verify mailing address they used.
Ask where & when the letter was originally mailed and, if possible, a description of the envelope.
Give resident the “Reporting Missing Mail” handout.
A copy of this handout is in the Mail Manual.
CM & CD should report missing mail issues to Joanna.
Reporting Missing Mail
Mail Responsibilities
The delivery carriers all have hazmat screening before .

Therefore, it is highly unlikely we would ever receive a hazardous package or letter.
For more information see http://housing.unc.edu/whats-my-address
Always use the following format when addressing mail & packages:

Your First, Middle Initial & Last Name
Street Address Room/Apt. #
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Package & Accountable Mail Log
Special Circumstances
On rare occasions, you may have to accept a delivery at the Community Office.

You should
accept the following types of deliveries at the desk:
Flowers delivered in a vase
Edible Arrangements fresh fruit baskets
Carriers with early morning deadlines before the Package Centers open
USPS Sunday Express Mail

Remember: Carriers do not have access to the residence halls. If a carrier attempts to deliver regular packages during Package Center business hours, send them to the appropriate Package Center.
Examples of First Class Mail Postage/Meter/Stamp
Mail is delivered according to the address, not the name.
With year to year room changes, students may receive mail that is addressed to previous residents. This mail is called misdirected mail.

ALL student staff should stress the importance of proper addressing to your residents: it will not only help them get their mail faster, but it will save you time!
Just Remember...
You are responsible for delivering mail the
same day

the Post Office delivers (Monday-Saturday, with the exception of Federal Holidays when the Post Office does not deliver mail).
The annual calendar in your Mail Manual lists holidays when mail is not delivered.

Every time you receive or distribute mail, you MUST fill out the
Mail Receiving & Distribution Log
There must be an entry for every day (Monday - Saturday). List holidays when mail is not delivered by writing the date and marking it as "Federal Holiday - no mail delivery."
This log will be audited throughout the year.
Other Things to Note
Returning Misdirected Mail to the Post Office
Make sure the log is filled out completely.
Contact the resident immediately and let them know that a perishable item is in the Community Office; it should be picked up as soon as possible.
Resident must sign the log upon pick-up.

A copy of this log can be found in the Mail Manual.

This log is audited throughout the year.
The Package Centers are busting at the seams during this time of year. Encourage your residents to pick up their packages as soon as they receive the notification from Housing!
Students must bring their UNC OneCard. Parents cannot pick-up for students.

Reminder: No one will receive letter mail before this date (including staff or residents moving in early).

The only exception is Ram Village, which receives mail year round.
Monday through Friday
10am - 6:30pm

11am - 4pm

Beginning Monday, August 21st
Package Center
How to contact Joanna
Morrison Package Center: 919-962-0904
Return service request
must be delivered!
Return service request
must be delivered!
Magazine subscriptions are treated like
First Class
mail and must be delivered.

Examples of Standard & Non-Profit
Examples of Other Mail
Magazines & Catalogs
Questions about Mail or Phones?
Contact Joanna Luke
This label can be found in your mail manual.
Make a copies of this on brightly colored paper.
Catalogs, however, are
mail and can be recycled.
What kind of postage it this?
Does this need to be delivered or recycled?
What if that resident no longer lives there (misdirected)?
Don't forget to attach the Attn: UTF Processing label!
Example for Alderman:
**Each residence hall has a different address**
OAs are required to deliver all First Class mail and the Standard/Non-Profit mail that has a return service request
Mail Delivery REQUIREMENTS have changed!

The University is only obligated to deliver First Class Mail

That means NO JUNK MAIL... there is one exception
Here is the exception...
Standard & Non-Profit mail that has a return service request
Determine the type of mail by looking at the postage area

Step 1: Separate mail into two piles:
A First Class mail pile and a Standard/Non-Profit mail pile
(Unsure about the type of postage? Put in First Class mail pile)

Step 2: Within the Standard/Non-Profit mail pile, look for an
forwarding or return service reques
t. This mail goes in the First Class pile.

Step 3: All Standard/Non-profit mail without an
address forwarding or return
service request
should be recycled/thrown away.

Step 4: Deliver all the mail in the First Class pile to the appropriate box number.

When a student gets mail in their box not addressed to them or their roommate

They are REQUIRED to take this mail to the Community Office


delivering mail to the mailboxes, determine the type of postage
What is Misdirected Mail?
Return Mail Example

Sign the Mail Distribution Log daily

Always maintain confidentiality

Be aware of reoccurring mail reports from residents

Be aware of suspicious or unusual behavior

Document damaged envelopes received from the Post Office
Take a picture!
Put a note on the envelope for the resident
Report on desk log
Email details & picture to your CM and Joanna

No return service request, so this can be recycled
No return service request, so this can be recycled
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