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Methane Trapping

Alternative Energy Project

Nick Martinez

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Methane Trapping

Veronica McManus WHAT IS METHANE? CH4
Greenhouse Gas
Natural Gas How does methane enter the atmosphere? Methanogenesis Livestock Cow Backpacks? By inserting a tube into the cow's stomach, methane gas can be captured and burned for energy We can also use cow excrement to produce biogas PROS CONS & PROS Reduce methane emissions
Renewable energy
Reduce air pollution
Creates jobs CONS Risk of explosion
Manure can be used as fertilizer
Somewhat expensive GLOBAL
INITIATIVE (GMI) Aims to reduce global methane emissions and to advance the abatement, recovery and use of methane as a valuable clean energy source Where is Methane Trapping being used today? If we were to use all of these candidate landfills, we could power 688,000 homes across the nation Germany is the top user of methane trapping. They produce enough energy from it to power 3.5 million homes. Sweden Sweden has used a biogas train since 2005 to transport people between two towns that are 75 miles apart http://www.epa.gov/
http://epa.gov/climatechange/ghgemissions/gases/ch4.html SOURCES
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