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Should Marijuana be legalized in Canada?

No description

Hajira Farooq

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Should Marijuana be legalized in Canada?

Regulating Quality and Safety
Removing Criminal Elements
Source of Tax Revenue
• Marijuana will bring in additional tax revenue for the Canadian economy that will benefit us

√$19.7 billion tax revenue from alcohol and tobacco

• Estimated that marijuana would be able to generate up to $7.5 billion
Current Laws on Marijuana
Other countries
• Government licensed retailers would control production and distribution

• Regulate how much we can buy and smoke

• Private cultivation would take place; must be obligated to sell to government licensed retailers, no third party businesses

• Distribute dried marijuana to consumers to prevent anyone from growing their own marijuana and selling it in the black market

• Control how much THC is active in the marijuana
Although many people are under the false impression that marijuana possession has been decriminalized in Canada, possession of any amount of cannabis is illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Marijuana is only legal in Canada for medical purposes and there is a process individuals, who are eligible, must go through if they wish to acquire medical marijuana.
Laws in place

• Regulate similarly to alcohol and tobacco

• Public smoking ban

• Limits on quantity

• Age Limits

• Advertising

• Driving Rules
Reinvesting Tax in Society
• Health Care

• Education

• Economy

• Welfare

• Social Services
• Legalizing marijuana makes society safer by reducing crimes

• Police and court resources are more available for more serious crimes

• Less people in jail for a crime that lacks moral justification
By legalizing marijuana it would eliminate many of the criminal elements associated with it. We would not have to place people in jail for possession of drugs or for smoking a drug that is less harmful than tobacco.

• No more street violence caused by disputes over drugs

• Places some drug dealers and terrorists out of business

• Young people that are caught in drug busts are often trapped in a flawed legal system that turns them into life long criminals

• Prevents gangs from being formed to illegally sell cannabis and make a living off of it, places drug dealers and some terrorists out of business

• 47,515 people have died from 2006-2012 in drug disputes

• 78,000 marijuana possession arrests in 2011
Switzerland: Decriminalized for small amounts, pay a fine, illegal to grow and sell

Uruguay: In the process of fully legalizing marijuana. Smoking marijuana is legal right now

America (Washington and Colorado): Legal to smoke in these two states with restrictions and laws in place

Additional Benefits
What changes might we have to make to adjust to the legalization of cannabis?
• We would have to make amendments to:
• The United Nations Conventions and Treaties regarding illegal drug use
• Safe streets and communities acts
• Controlled Drugs and Substances act
• Food and Drugs Act

• Make sure that canadians are only able to purchase up to one ounce of the substance in a two year period

• Assure that youth under the age of 21 do not have access to or are exposed to marijuana by imposing laws

• New laws regarding marijuana and driving will be created

• Education system would have to revise health course material to be up to date on marijuana laws, so youth are aware of the legality of marijuana
Canada should legalize marijuana use and production because the government can regulate the quality and safety of the drug, remove some of the criminal elements, and earn additional tax revenue.
Should Marijuana be legalized in Canada?
Do you think marijuana should be legalized, decriminalized, or kept illegal? Explain why.
Possible Consequences and Solutions
• Marijuana causes driving impairments so there could possibly be an increase in vehicle accidents, but to prevent this fro happening, laws will be in place to prohibit anyone that has smoked marijuana from driving (DUI)

• Pregnant woman that smoke cannabis have children that tend to have memory impairment and difficulty with learning , laws should be in place to restrict pregnant women from buying or smoking marijuana

• Marijuana can still cause harm to your lungs so people should be made aware of the possible short term and long term affects that can be caused by the ingestion of marijuana
In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized, as there are more benefits than drawbacks if this drug were to be legalized. The government would be able to place regulations on marijuana for the safety of society, it would remove criminal elements associated with the drug, and it would be an excellent source of tax revenue for Canada.
Legalizing marijuana in Canada has been a very controversial topic. Marijuana is a plant that contains THC that induces euphoria. This plant is commonly used for medicinal purposes to help the ill relive pain and relax. Most people in Canada use marijuana for recreational purposes rather than for medical reasons. Liberal Party leader Justin Treaudue recently announced his support to legalize marijuana. While the majority is showing support for legalizing marijuana, there are still those who are doubtful of it or completely against it. So the question is, should Canada legalize marijuana?
Why legalize? Why not decriminalize?
• Equivalent to prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s; ineffective

• Can't regulate quality and safety

• Illegal trafficking continues

• Hazard to society

• Does not prevent youth from smoking

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