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Animal Cruelty


steph klefot

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Animal Cruelty

Dog Fighting Michael Vick Gladiators Laws " A mans Best Friend"
Dog fighting is documented as a sport condoned and relished by Roman spectators ho also appreciated the tradition of gladiators fighting to the death. dog fighting rose to a higher profile when Atlanta Falcons quarter back Michael Vick was arrested on charges of animal cruelty in the state of Virginia. Vick, who had risen to preeminence as the number one National Football League Draft pick was found guilty However Vick was rewarded probation and allowed to return to his career with another football team, the Philadelphia Eagled it was reveald that this football "role model" had participated in the killings of serveral dogs that had failed to perform well. I would say most of you all grew up with a dog in your family. As americans we tend to think of dogs as loyal, unconditional love and comforting. The American idea/ perception is that we would hope that all animals are treated well and have lovig owners and homes they can go to, but in realitity this is not true. However, unlike vicks clandestine operation, the romans elevated dog fighting to the strature of gladuator contests. You can see that this is not something new and that dog fighting has been around long before we really started to hear about it. A sport? Over crowded shelters
euthanize dogs because they are to harmuful
dogs are being distorted into creatures they were never mean to be
our dogs that live in our backyard culd be taken and used as bate for dogs in training Although it has taken a sad incident like michael vick to bring
attention to animal rights we have improvd throughout the years. dog fighting is now illegal in all 50 states
and is a felony offense in almost every state We should fight for stricker laws and make the people
who are commiting the crime have a harsher punisjment The specators in the "sport" should have some
type of punishment What YOU can do if you live in a state where dog fighting is only a
midomeaner,write to state legislator and urge to make it a felony write letters to media to increase public awarness
if you think dog fighting is going on somewhere, contact local forcement
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