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How to Add Munch Money (MM) and Podium

Are you running out of Munch Money (MM) or Podium this semester? No need to panic! You can always refill your MM / Podium. Watch here to see how!

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Transcript of How to Add Munch Money (MM) and Podium

In person at the SUNYCard Office with cash, check or credit card
Step 6. Fill in your credit card information
Step 1. Log into your MyUAlbany
account at www.albany.edu
Step 3. Check Your Balances

Funds can be added in two ways:

Online with a credit card via GET: SUNYCard Online Services
You can check your current balances
Check the recent transaction history
Step 4. Click 'Add Funds' to add Munch Money or Podium
Step 7. Click 'Continue' to process your transaction
Step 2. click 'Campus Life'
Step 3. Click 'SUNYCard Online Services''
Step 5. Select the kind of campus funds you wish to refill
No worries!

That's all there is to it!
Be smart!
Pick the
Easy WAY!
Need to add more MUNCH MONEY

Just follow these simple steps...
Please look at our other important Prezi presentations to BE IN THE KNOW!
UAS can help!
Text 313131
to receive updates and specials via text messages!
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